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August 2013

Safety Notes

Accident Report

Incident | Exposure to hot cooking oil
Business | Restaurant
Employee | Line cook

A line cook was cleaning the inside of a hood over a 360-degree deep-fat fryer in the restaurant's prepping and hot cooking area, a task that he did every evening before the restaurant closed. The restaurant had provided him with a five-foot-long, cloth-covered deck brush for cleaning under the hood but he needed to climb on the counter to do the job.

Safety Notes

He had placed a cookie sheet over the fryer to prevent any debris from dropping into the oil and was standing with his left foot on top of the fryer and his right foot turned sideways next to the fryer when he lost his balance. He stepped onto the cookie sheet, which gave way and his foot plunged into the 350-degree oil.

Just as the line cook stepped into the hot oil, his supervisor entered the cooking area and came to his aid. The line cook's girlfriend, who was waiting for him to get off work, took him to the emergency room where he was treated for second-and-third-degree burns to his lower left leg and foot.

Applicable standards

437-001-0760(1)(a) The employer did not see that workers were properly instructed and supervised in the safe operation of any machinery, tools, equipment, process, or practice that they are authorized to use or apply

437-001-0760(3)(a) The employer did not investigate every lost-time injury that workers suffered in connection with their employment, to determine the means that should be taken to prevent recurrence

437-001-0765(5) The safety committee did not meet at least monthly except during months when a quarterly worksite inspection was performed.

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