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December 2013

Christmas harvest blitz

The life of a Christmas tree

Not everyone can experience Christmas like an Oregonian, with a lush and sparkling Douglas or Noble fir as a holiday fixture. But an Oregon tree grower is working to bring some Northwest cheer to places as far away as Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

Holiday Tree Farms, Inc., a Corvallis­based family business, started shaking, bailing, and shipping trees in October, with the majority of the trees bound for locations outside the Northwest. Some 600 employees work the tree harvest, where sprains and strains are among the biggest source of claims. Earlier this year, a worker also jammed his finger while loading a tree. Read article

Administrator's Message

I have written before that I believe the essence of the hierarchy of controls is less focused on a discussion of "engineering controls" versus "administrative controls" versus "work practice controls" and more focused on a simple set of principles... Read article

"O Tannenbaum"

If the title has you thinking of a Christmas tree, that's perfect for this story, although "O Tannenbaum" – the traditional German folk song – refers to a fir tree and has nothing to do with the prodigiously decorated holiday tree. Read article

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Safety Notes

Accident report

A bartender suffered serious burns at an upscale restaurant when a large container filled with alcohol shattered on the counter and generated a flash fire with nearby tea light candles. Read article

News Briefs

Oregon OSHA reminds employers to prepare for winter hazards

Oregon OSHA cites Springfield meat company for willful safety violations

Oregon students invited to enter safety video contest

Interactive maps pinpoint fatalities statewide

Workers' Memorial Scholarship opens to students

'Lifesaving' acts honored at Southern Oregon Conference

Going the Distance

Meet a leading Oregon health and safety professional

Company: Key Knife

Safety and health manager: Shawna Bergeron

Workforce: 87 overall, 63 at the Tualatin plant

Common Hazards:Strains and sprains, machine guarding, lockout/tagout, and cuts

Ask Technical


Are there any Oregon OSHA requirements for protecting workers from pinch points on scissor lifts?

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