February 2014

Safety Notes

Accident Report

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Accident illustration

An employee for an equipment rental dealer was helping a customer hitch a rental trailer to the customer's pickup truck. The employee was standing behind the truck using hand signals to help the customer back up the truck to the trailer hitch.

Because the employee was standing directly behind the truck, the customer turned his head to look out the cab's rear window as he backed up the truck. As he was backing up, his foot slipped off the brake and unintentionally hit the accelerator. The truck accelerated quickly in reverse and struck the employee.

The store manager heard the customer calling for help and called 911. An ambulance took the employee, who had serious injuries, to the hospital.


The employer had not instructed employees on safe procedures to follow when backing up vehicles to trailers.

The employee stood directly behind the truck, between the truck and trailer, instead of to the side of the truck.

The employer, who had seven employees at the site, did not hold monthly safety meetings.

Applicable standards

437-001-0760(1)(a): Employees must be properly instructed in the safe operation of any machinery, tools, equipment, process, or practice that they are authorized to use or apply.

437-001-0765(2)(a): The employer must develop and implement a safety committee or safety meetings.

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