April 2014

Oregon OSHA's top 10 violations of 2013

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Safety committee and safety meeting violations topped the list of the most cited Oregon OSHA standards in 2013, followed by hazard communication and fall protection violations.

The list represents a range of issues.
These aren't paperwork violations or trivial. They are protective measures that keep people from dying on the job.

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Michael Wood

Collecting the Penalties We Cite
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How a "top 10 violations" list can improve your safety program

What makes numbered lists so appealing is that they seemingly express everything you need to know about a topic in neat, ordered, numerical headlines. Lists can be short and compact or they can expand to limits set only by your desire to stop counting.

A numbered list can even improve your workplace safety program. Here's how.

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Going the Distance

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Under what work circumstances is an employer required to provide gloves to employees?

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An employee for an equipment rental dealer was helping a customer hitch a rental trailer to the customer's pickup truck. The employee was standing behind the truck using hand signals to help the customer back up the truck to the trailer hitch.
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