April 2014

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Our company continuously operates forklifts over four shifts each day. How many times do we need to examine them for safety issues?


If a forklift is used every shift, it needs to be examined by an operator or a designated inspector four times each day. OSHA's forklift standard (1910.178) requires forklifts used "round-the-clock" to be examined after each shift; the forklift operator on the incoming shift can do the exam. This helps the operator because he can identify any unreported mechanical issues or damage that might have happened during the previous shift.

At a minimum, the operator or inspector should do a vehicle walkaround and visually examine tires and wheels, hoist chains, data plate, and the general overall condition of the forklift and any lifting attachment. After starting the forklift, the operator should check the steering, service brake, park brake, horn, and hydraulic controls to ensure they are working properly.

It's not necessary to keep a record of the examination.

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