April 2014

Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Struck by forklift
  • Business | Commercial printing
  • Employee | Forklift operator

After unloading a pallet of covers from a customer's van, the worker drove his forklift up a ramp back into the warehouse. He parked the forklift on level ground but the rear wheels were still on the ramp – and he may not have completely engaged the emergency brake when he parked it. He got out of the forklift and walked down the ramp toward the receiving bay door to close it when the forklift struck him from behind. He fell and the forklift dragged him down the ramp, pinning his legs under the left rear wheel.

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forklift accident

A co-worker who heard his screams told workers to call 911. Another worker drove the forklift off his legs and comforted him until EMTs arrived and took him to a hospital.

Applicable standards

1910.178(1)(2(ii), Training program implementation – Training did not consist of formal instruction, practical training, and an evaluation of the operator's performance in the workplace. 1910.178(q)(7), Maintenance of industrial trucks – Forklifts were not examined before they were put in service.

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photos from accident scene

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