April 2014

Forklift dangers

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Warehouse focuses on positive safety behavior.

At peak times, some 35 truck drivers, off loaders, receivers, and supervisors may be working to move product in the 400,000 square-foot warehouse. The company has had only two forklift incidents in the past 13 years. Read article

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Michael Wood

A sobering reality –
death on the job
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Training and educating forklift operators

Many forklift operators have learned their jobs exclusively through practical experience. Is practical experience safe enough?
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Going the Distance

Meet the safety manager and training officer at Sandy Fire District as he shares his philosophy.


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Our company continuously operates forklifts over four shifts each day. How many times do we need to examine them for safety issues?

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News Briefs

Oregon announces 2013 workplace deaths

Oregon OSHA fines WildCat Haven for safety violations following worker's death

Blue Star award nominations being accepted

Finalists named in young worker safety video contest

Oregon OSHA, other agency leaders honored as part of SAIF Corporation's '100 Faces of Change' exhibit

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Accident Report

  • Incident | Struck by forklift
  • Business | Commercial printing
  • Employee | Forklift operator

A worker is struck by a forklift
that rolled backwards.
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