June 2014

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What Oregon OSHA training requirements do I need to follow when I operate an aerial lift to do construction work? Do I need to be certified?


Before you operate an aerial lift for construction-related work, you must have training that meets the requirements in 1926.454 (Scaffolding, Division 3, Subdivision L). Here are the key requirements:

A person who is qualified in the "subject matter" of the lift you will use must train you. The person who trains you must be able to recognize the hazards associated with the lift and must know how to control or minimize the hazards.

Your training must cover:

You must be retrained when you do not safely use the lift. Other reasons for retraining include worksite changes that create new hazards and changes in the types of fall protection or falling-object protection that you use.

Your employer must authorize you to operate an aerial lift, but you do not need to be certified.

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