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April-May 2015

Ask Technical


I do maintenance work on an open-sided platform that is five feet above a lower level. I do this work, which takes about one hour, maybe once a month and I am the only person who is authorized to work there. Are guardrails required on the platform?


Guardrails are not required for the work that you do. However, if you do not have a guardrail, you need to be protected from falls using other means.

A platform is an elevated surface used primarily as a walking or working surface where employees walk or work on a "predictable and regular basis," which Oregon OSHA Program Directive A-197 defines as "at least one instance of exposure every two weeks or a combined total of four hours or more of exposure during any sequential four-week period by one or more persons."

Guardrails are not required because your maintenance work is not done on a predictable and regular basis. However, because your working surface is more than four feet above the ground, you still must be protected from a possible fall. You will need to use fall protection system such as a personal fall restraint system when you are doing the work.  ▉

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