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April-May 2015

Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Struck by a piece of wook
  • Business | General industry
  • Employee | Exhibit builder

A 24-year-old exhibit builder was assigned the task of cutting a piece of wood with a 10-inch, three-horsepower table saw. Her supervisor reviewed the cutting procedures and how to set up the table saw with her before she began cutting the wood.

graphic of woman working at table saw

The supervisor watched as she began operating the saw without a blade hood guard, a splitter, or anti-kickback guard. Both employees knew that these guards were available in the shop. However, they had not been installed on the saw for four months and no one knew who removed them or why they were removed.

As she continued cutting, a piece of waste wood on the outside of the blade kicked back and struck her in the face, fracturing her jaw and cheekbone.

She was hospitalized for six days. However, her employer did not report the accident to Oregon OSHA until 15 days after she was hospitalized.

Applicable standards

1910.213(c)(1): Circular handfed ripsaws were not guarded by an automatically adjusting hood, which completely enclosed the portion of the saw above the table and above the material being cut.

1910.213(c)(2): Handfed circular ripsaws were not furnished with a spreader to prevent material from squeezing the saw or being thrown back on the operator.

1910.213(c)(3): Handfed ripsaws did not have non-kickback fingers or dogs so located as to oppose the thrust or tendency of the saw to pick up the material or to throw it back toward the operator.

437-001-0700(21)(c): The employer did not report overnight hospitalization to the nearest Oregon OSHA field office within 24 hours after occurrence or employer knowledge.

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