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June 2015

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I was told that our company needs to replace all of our current Material Safety Data Sheets with the new Safety Data Sheets by June 1, 2015, to meet OSHA requirements. Is that true?



You are not required to replace your Material Safety Data Sheets with Safety Data sheets by June 1. That requirement applies to chemical manufacturers, not to end-users. Just make sure that the chemical products you receive have complete, legible labels and that you have a Material Safety Data Sheet for the product.

Beginning June 1, any product you receive from the manufacturer must have a new label on it. (Manufacturers must develop new product labels that include signal words, pictograms, hazard statements, and precautionary statements for chemicals based on their hazard classification and category.) Products that you receive from distributors are allowed to have old labels until Dec. 1, when all products must have new labels.

Remember, if you receive a product from a chemical manufacturer after June 1 and do not receive a new Safety Data Sheet, you need to show your due diligence in trying to get the Safety Data Sheet – either from the manufacturer or distributor. 

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