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June 2015

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Safety in the zone: How a tragedy changed a workplace

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After a worker is killed inside a work zone, managers at the Oregon Department of Transportation share how the tragedy changed their culture and led to changes in procedures.

"We all feel a responsibility to keep each other safeā€¦ every one of us has had to ask ourselves the question if we did everything we could to prevent this accident."

~ Marilyn Holt
ODOT District 12 manager

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Tips for preventing backover accidents at construction sites

When they are on construction sites, workers sometimes forget that they are just as vulnerable to approaching vehicles as other pedestrians. Dump trucks are historically the most common cause of fatal backover injuries at construction sites, but other vehicles - including forklifts and pickup trucks - also cause backover accidents.

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Administrator's Message

Michael Wood

They key to our success

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Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Struck in the head by binding bar
  • Business | General industry
  • Employee | Flagger

An experienced flagger is struck in the head.

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Ask Technical


I was told that our company needs to replace all of our current Material Safety Data Sheets with the new Safety Data Sheets by June 1, 2015, to meet OSHA requirements. Is that true?

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Going the Distance

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Meet the safety manager at Fortis Construction Inc., who sees the risks of falls, strains, sprains, and electrical contacts as some of the biggest hazards for workers.

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News Briefs

The dangers of heat stress

Workers Memorial Day

Video contest winners

Recaps of Safety Break for Oregon

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