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August 2015

Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Struck by
  • Business | Fiberglass and composite
    products manufacturer
  • Employee | Production worker

Worker struck by a 50-pound fiberglass tank

The victim was cleaning cabinet-mounted spray finishing equipment at the end of his shift. Meanwhile, two other workers were using compressed air to remove a 50-pound, 24-inch by 84-inch cylindrical fiberglass tank from a mold that was inside the tank. They had inserted a compressed air nozzle into a tube that was attached to the mold and were pressurizing the space between the tank and the mold so the tank would be easier to remove.

But the job was difficult and, after two attempts, the tank still stuck to the mold. On the third attempt, however, the tank suddenly rocketed away from the mold, flew 16 to 30 feet in the air, and struck an open door on the equipment that the victim was cleaning. The impact smashed the door into the worker.

His co-workers called 911 and he was taken to a hospital in Portland where he remained overnight with a fractured ankle and a lacerated leg.

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Applicable standards

437-001-0760(1)(b)(C): The employer did not take all reasonable means to ensure that employees safely accomplished their work when they were exposed to a hazard.

437-002-0210(2)(c): All compressed air or gas piping systems that used plastic pipe were not designed by a competent person to specifications for a specific application.

437-001-0760(1)(a): The employer did not ensure that workers were properly instructed and supervised in the safe operation of machinery, tools, equipment, processes, or practices.

437-001-0700(21)(c): The employer did not report an overnight hospitalization to the nearest Oregon OSHA field office within 24 hours after occurrence or employer knowledge of the accident.

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