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October 2015

Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Crushed by wook press
  • Business | Soft veneer and plywood manufacturing
  • Employee | Millwright

A millwright was on the north side of a wood press marking a leaking steam line so that he could replace it with one cut to size in the millwright's shop.

The wood press operator, who ran the press from the opposite side, had just shut it down and locked out the hydraulic ball valve for an adjacent unit (called a "charger"); this unit moved on rails, retrieved plywood sheets from another area, then moved back and transferred them into the press. Then, he walked over to help the millwright trace the replacement line so they could determine its correct length.

After helping the millwright, the operator went back to the other side of the press, unlocked the hydraulic ball valve, and then started the machine, thinking the millwright had gone back to the shop.

As the charger began to move into position to transfer plywood to the press, it suddenly stopped. The press operator checked for problems on the machine's two operating consoles but did not see anything wrong. Then, he noticed that the millwright appeared to be still standing next to the charger.

As he walked around to the other side of the machine, he found the millwright pinned between the charger and a steel post.

He blew a whistle for the foreman, who called 911, but the millwright, who remained pinned between the charger and the post, died by the time responders arrived.

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Did you know?

Data points

# Number of serious workplace injuries this year caused by hazardous energy or contact with parts in moving equipment: 16.

# Number of violations this year of 1910.147(c), Control of hazardous energy - general requirements: 73.

$ Average penalty per violation of 1910.147(c): $430.

Key findings

Applicable standards

1910.147(c)(4)(i): Procedures were not developed, documented, and used for the control of potentially hazardous energy.

1910.147(c)(7)(iv): The employer did not certify that employee training has been accomplished or kept current.

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