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December 2015

Total Worker Health

Wellness programs that keep workers safe

Imagine you are the head of a company whose productivity hinges on keeping employees safe and healthy. Your company already furnishes the proper safety equipment. And it just launched a monthly newsletter informing workers of their responsibility to lead healthier lives.

Good to go, right?

Not so fast.

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Total Worker Health is not just another wellness program. And the concept goes beyond healthy food and exercise. It also involves employers and supervisors re-thinking how tasks are structured.

Did you know?

Data points

In 2014, there were 77 years separating the oldest and youngest workers who received workers' compensation for their injuries. The youngest was a 15-year-old groundskeeper. The oldest was a 92-year-old librarian.

Source: Workers' Compensation Claim Characteristics brochure (Calendar year 2014)

Live long and prosper: the new case for productive aging

We're all getting older - really. And, for those of us known as Baby Boomers, the consequence of this seemingly mundane reality will have a major effect on families and health care providers – and employers.

[Retirement] is no longer an automatic shift in gears from work to non-work at a set age. It is, rather, a voluntary withdrawal from the work force at the age that best suits an individual's abilities, interests, and career plans.”

The End of Mandatory Retirement: Implications for Management,
James W. Walker, Harriet L. Lazer (1978)

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Administrator's Message

Michael Wood

Oregon OSHA expects 2016 to be an ambitious year

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Safety Notes

Accident Report

  • Incident | Amputation
  • Business | Food processing
  • Employee | Sanitation worker

Sanitation worker loses four fingers removing potatoes from a cutting machine.

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Ask Technical


Is an employer required to provide a chair for somebody who works at a desk? I know it sounds strange, but a friend of mine recently had her chair removed from her desk and is now required to stand while she is doing deskwork.



My employer recently replaced our overhead lighting with lights that are twice as bright as the previous ones. Now I am having eyestrain, headaches, nervous problems, and anxiety. I sit at my desk with tears streaming down my face and have missed more than two days of work this month. What can I do?

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Going the Distance

David Douglas

Meet David Douglas the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manager from Skanska USA Inc.  

My philosophy is simple: Everyone deserves to make a living without the risk of injury, and deserves to make it home safe each day. Additionally everyone deserves to retire in good health so they can enjoy it.”

~ David Douglas 

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Short takes

IH recruitment - five job openings with Oregon OSHA

Violation penalty increases likely for state OSHA plans

OSHA proposes updates to its Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines

Eliminating limied access in a confined space

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