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April 2016

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Deschutes Brewery - doing the right thing

Mike Jervis, Deschutes Brewery

Wearing a ball cap with safety glasses perched on the brim, Mike Jervis looks every bit the affable, easygoing connoisseur of craft beers that he is.

Listen to him talk about the health and safety of workers at Deschutes Brewery in Bend, where he serves as the company's safety director, and things get serious in a hurry.


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We have a team-oriented approach to making beer, where ideas flow and people work together to stretch the concept of what beer is. ...Our safety culture kind of does the same thing.

Mike Jervis

Administrator's Message

Michael Wood

The message remains: The work is important, and we can do better!

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To encourage and assist

The surprising history of the voluntary approach to safety and health in Oregon

When asked if they know what Oregon OSHA does, many will say that "OSHA" enforces safety regulations and writes citations. Of course, those answers are only partially correct. What most people do not know is that Oregon OSHA's effort to encourage voluntary compliance has been as important as its enforcement program in shaping occupational safety and health in Oregon for more than seven decades.

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Ask Technical

Does Oregon OSHA require that a partially exposed shaft on a motor be completely enclosed with a guard? The gap is too small for a person's fingers to contact the spinning shaft.

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Did you know?

•  Number of Oregon companies participating in the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP): 21

•  Number of Oregon companies (current participants and graduates) in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP): 152

Safety Notes

  • Incident | Truss collapse
  • Business | Construction
  • Employee | Carpenters

Four carpenters setting up trusses on a garage were injured when the temporary framework supporting the trusses collapsed.

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Going the Distance

Thumbnail of Barbara Aguon

Meet Barbara Aguon, the Health and Safety Manager from City of Portland Parks and Recreation.

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I continue to teach requirements for working safety while also trying to convey the value of working safely.

Barbara Aguon

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