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  • Michael Wood

    A message from the administrator​​​: Making sense of heirarchy of controls

    Oregon OSHA Administrator Michael Wood talks about the notion of the hierarchy of controls, which simply means that some approaches to addressing hazards work better than other approaches. Over the years, he has come to realize that the basic principles involved are really very simple.

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  • Gary Beck on Oregon OSHA inspections

    Oregon OSHA's Safety Enforcement Manager Gary Beck shares what to expect during an inspection in this interview with Creative Safety Publishing. He also answers questions about signage, lockout/tagour, Arc flash, confined space, NFPA and GHS. 

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  • Heat Stress - Public Service Announcement in Spanish

    Prevent heat illness, Share the message: Water. Rest. Shade.

    Prevenga enfermedades casuadas por el calor. Comparta el mensaje: Agua. Descansos. Sombra.

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  • Tony Crow

    Tony Crow worked for Texas Utilities for more than 25 years and became blinded after a hunting accident in 2003. He talks about how accidents do not just impact the person injured, but everyone in that person's circle of influence. He also offers some special insights into why safety must be a critical piece of everything you do - both on and off the job.

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  • Matt Pomerinke

    While working at a sawmill, Matt Pomerinke suffered a life-changing accident at the age of 21. He shares his story around the Northwest as part of Washington's Injured Young Worker speakers program. He tries to make young people understand that an accident lasts forever and affects everyone around them.

    Read more about Matt in the June 2012 issue of Oregon OSHA's Resource Newsletter​.

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