Reports and statistics

Compiled by the Department of Consumer and Business Services

Accepted disabling workers' compensation claims

  • Accepted disabling claim rates by major industry division
  • Average claim costs tables
  • Characteristics of the WC system
  • Claim characteristics brochure
  • Claim characteristics tables

Archived workplace safety and health reports

​​​​​​Bureau of Labor statistics programs

  • Census of fatal occupational injuries (CFOI) tables​
  • Occupational injury & illness survey summary
  • Occupational injury & illness survey tables & appendices

Claims costs report

Compensable fatalities

  • Compensable fatality characteristics brochure
  • Compensable fatality characteristics tables
  • Compensable fatalities by industry

Employers with current coverage Oregon Workers' Compensation Division

Oregon OSHA activities

  • Compliance officer performance survey​
  • Consultative services​
  • Report on the Oregon Workers' Compensation System
  • Top 25 Violations

Special reports

  • Safety and health in Oregon's forests - annual update​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​