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A job safety analysis (also called a job hazard analysis) is a method of identifying, assessing, and controlling hazards associated with specific jobs. A job-safety analysis breaks down a job into tasks. You evaluate each task to identify any hazards, and then determine how each hazard will be controlled. A job safety analysis works well for jobs with hazards that are difficult to eliminate, and is especially useful for jobs with a history of accidents or near misses.

Performing a job safety analysis for complex jobs can take a considerable amount of time and expertise to develop. Involving the employees performing the jobs throughout the analysis process can provide you a better understanding of the different ways each task is accomplished. You may also want to have a safety professional help you.

Most Oregon OSHA rules do not specifically require you to conduct a job safety analysis; however, a job safety analysis is a useful tool that can help you eliminate hazards before they cause injuries.



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