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Hazardous waste operations

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HAZWOPER refers to the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response standard: 1910.120 (Division 2, Subdivision H). HAZWOPER is a complex standard – even explaining it is challenging. 

HAZWOPER protects employees who may be exposed to hazardous substances during cleanup work, at hazardous waste facilities, or when they respond to emergencies. HAZWOPER requires employers to follow specific work procedures to protect their employees. What the employees do - cleanup, disposal, or emergency response, for example - determines the procedures that employers must follow.

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    • Oregon Integrated Contingency Plan and Guidance Outline
      This single-facility response plan is only for accidental releases or spills of oil and non-radiological hazardous substances
      English  04/27/2012
    • Rules with requirements
      We get many calls and emails from employers asking the same question. It begins: “Which of your rules have requirements for…” You can finish the sentence with words like “recordkeeping,” “employee training,” and “written documents.” To answer those questions, we’ve organized these rules requirements into a filterable, sortable, searchable table.
      English  05/10/2019

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