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Report a fatality or injury

What employers need to know

Oregon OSHA requires employers to report work-related injuries or illnesses that cause the loss of an eye, an amputation or avulsion that includes bone or cartilage loss, in-patient hospitalization, catastrophe, or fatality, including fatalities from heart attacks and motor vehicle accidents. Reporting an incident neither assigns fault nor proves the violation of an Oregon OSHA rule. It also does not establish an employee’s eligibility for workers’ compensation or other benefits.

Reports must be made

in person, or
by calling 800-922-2689, or
contact your nearest Oregon OSHA office:

  • Bend: 541-388-6066
  • Eugene: 541-686-7562
  • Medford: 541-776-6030
  • Pendleton: 541-276-9175
  • Portland: 503-229-5910
  • Salem: 503-378-3274

Print this Fact sheet for quick reference

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Reporting a fatality or injury

 Report within eight hours

You must report the death of any employee or a catastrophe within eight hours of when it happened or when it was reported to you or your agents. A catastrophe occurs when two or more employees are fatally injured, or three or more employees are admitted to a hospital or clinic as a result of the same incident.

 Report within 24 hours

You must report an in-patient hospitalization, loss of an eye, and either an amputation or avulsion that results in bone loss within 24 hours of when it happened or when it was reported to you or your agents.

Temporary employees

A staffing agency or host employer must follow the same reporting rules. They should also establish a procedure by which both are informed if a temporary worker is injured.

Accident scene

Do not disturb the scene of a fatality or catastrophe until Oregon OSHA investigates the incident, unless a law enforcement officer tells you to do so, or it is necessary to safely reach victims or to prevent injuries.