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Accident investigation online course

This course teaches you the fundamentals of conducting a workplace accident investigation.

Available in Español

This course is part of the Safety Committee Suite (Español) of online courses.

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Module content

​​Accidents and incidents.

The rules that cover accidents and incidents.

The primary tasks for each investigation.

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​​Laying a good investigation foundation.

Securing the scene.

When to report an accident to Oregon OSHA.

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​​Putting together an investigator's kit.

Collecting the facts.

Obtaining initial statements.

Photographing, videotaping, and sketching the scene.

Reviewing documents.

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​​Who you should interview.

Interviewing techniques.

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​​Developing the sequence of events.

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​​Safety systems.

Cause analysis.

Injury analysis.

Event analysis.

System analysis.

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​​The 3 types of controls.

System improvements.

Cost benefit analysis.

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​​The accident report form.

How to complete each section.

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At the end of each module is a short quiz



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