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Bloodborne Pathogens online course

This course is designed to assist you as an employer or manager to meet the requirements of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard.

Some of the topics we’ll cover are: determining the potential for exposure in your workplace, understanding the essential elements of an OSHA compliant exposure control plan, preventing and mitigating exposures, and administering your exposure control plan. This course includes many helpful videos including “What to Expect during an Oregon OSHA Inspection”. Others demonstrate safety measures like Engineering Controls and Personal Protective Equipment. With this program you also have the option to receive a certificate of completion.

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Module content

​​​​​This module introduces the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and how to be in compliance with it. We’ll define commons terms; briefly discuss the history of the standard, and the criteria for whether or not your company is covered.

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​​​Here we learn the 3 basic concepts of an exposure control plan (ECP) by watching a walkthrough video demonstrating an example ECP.

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​​​​​​​Module 3 begins by discussing methods to communicate hazards in the workplace. Next we’ll examine engineering controls and proper work practices. Personal protective equipment will be covered as well and include examples of appropriate types. Housekeeping practices delve into the disposal of SHARPS and the cleanup of other contaminated items. Last, but not least is info on administering the Hepatitis B Vaccination series.

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​​​This module on mitigation outlines post exposure procedures. What do you do when an employee is exposed to Bloodborne pathogens or other potential infectious material? This includes everything from the employee’s immediate steps, to reporting the exposure, post exposure evaluation and testing, post exposure prophylaxis, counseling and documentation.

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​​​This module focuses on administering your exposure control plan. It covers topics like annual training, updating your exposure control plan, and recordkeeping.

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​​​The final module recaps the topics covered in this course and includes a video showing what to expect when Oregon-OSHA visits your workplace. At the end of this module you’ll find a quiz and following that is a certificate of completion.

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What To Expect During an Oregon OSHA Inspection
Overview of the Exposure Control Plan
Engineering Controls for Non-Healthcare Facilities
Engineering Controls for Healthcare Facilities
Hazard Communication
The Hepatitis Vaccine
Personal Protective Equipment
Annual Employee Training Requirements
Introduction to this Online Course


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