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Accident investigation online course

 This course is designed to provide training in the principles of investigating workplace accidents and fulfills a training requirement for Safety Committee members. This training is part of the Safety Committee Suite, which also includes Safety Committees and Meetings and Hazard Identification (Español) of online courses.

We will cover the three primary tasks of an accident investigation - gathering information, analyzing event facts, and implementing solutions, as well as the steps within each of those tasks such as, collecting information, determining surface and root causes, making recommendations, and writing the accident report. This course also contains true personal testimonials and practice scenarios to help you apply and solidify your learning throughout the course.

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Module content

This module starts with an overview of Oregon OSHA rules and requirements that apply to accidents and accident investigations. Following that, we dive into the first primary task, gathering information, and its corresponding steps of the accident investigation process and conclude with a practice scenario to apply the information covered.

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​​​This module jumps right into the second primary task of analyzing the facts of the accident event and the steps involved. There are various cause analysis methods reviewed as well as the three types of causes of an accident. We conclude with the same practice scenario to apply your knowledge gained from Module 2.

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This module covers the third and final primary task in the accident investigation process, which is implementing solutions. Types of recommendations and the causes they address are discussed, along with key questions to consider and doing a cost-benefit analysis. After a video of a true story of one man’s workplace accident the module continues with information to complete an accident report. We conclude with one final practice scenario to apply your learning.

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This module starts with a high-level review of the primary tasks and steps of the accident investigation process, then concludes the course with a quiz, certificate of completion, additional resources, and an optional survey to provide feedback.

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