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Hazard Communication aligned with GHS online course

This Hazard Communication training program covers the Oregon OSHA Hazard Communication Rule as it has been aligned with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Categorization of Chemicals.

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Module content

​​​Why you should be concerned about the hazard communication rule.

What are the Hazard Communication and Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)?

Who hazard communication applies to.

When you have to comply.

How you comply.

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​​​The process of classification and categorization that results in the assignment of labels and signal works.

The development of safety data sheets.

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​​​What they are.

Parts of a pictogram.

Health hazard pictograms.

Physical hazard pictograms.

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​​​The elements of labels.

Labeling containers.

Labeling pipes.

HazCom and NFPA 704.

HazCom​ and HMIS®.

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​​​​What are safety data sheets (SDS).

How to obtain safety data sheets.

What you need to do with your safety data sheets.

The required format and information for a safety data sheet.

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​​​​Requirements for training employees about chemical hazards.

The topics the training must cover.

Who can deliver the training.

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​​​Who needs a written hazard communication program.

The seven parts of the written hazard communication program.

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