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The French Revolution launched the modern restaurant industry along with the printed menu, which offered single dishes priced and prepared to order. You can still dine at a restaurant today and order from a menu, of course, along with countless variations of the restaurant theme. However, the types of injuries associated with restaurant work haven’t changed: sprains and strains; cuts, lacerations, and punctures; burns and scalds; and quarrels with fellow workers and clients.

What’s the most frequently-violated workplace safety standard among eating and drinking places in Oregon? The hazard communication standard (1910.1200).

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  • Safe: A Restaurant Musical
    A new and untrained restaurant worker learns about safety in this video musical.
    English 2:14 minutes  
  • The Matthew Bowcott Story - Worksafe BC
    This video is a true story about a young worker’s injury and his road to recovery. It contains some graphic images. Matthew was just 19 when he was badly injured in a restaurant kitchen.
    English 7:27 minutes  

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