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Safe: A Restaurant Musical

Young Worker video series

Video series credits

A new and untrained restaurant worker learns about safety in this video musical. Sing along and learn about some key hazards in the restaurant industry.


This Video Series

Box Lifting 101
Safe vs. Unsafe
Safe: A Restaurant Musical
Shoots and Ladders: A Guide to Ladder Safety

Thank you to everyone who participated in making the videos in this series

Special thanks to Austin Coburn, writer, producer, and director

Thanks to: Trevor Mink, Vinny Gasbarro, Tina Högström, Randy Carruthers, Matthew Valdivia, John Nissen IV, Collin Everett, Felicia Brown, Jake Hammer, Noah Vanderburgh, Dan Ceiplis, Scot Jones, Evan Beranek, Sarah Tolleson, Alex Noble, Camden Davis, Quin Coons, Joey Speten, Alyssa Johnson, Micaiah Monroy, Hannah Monroy, Donald Orr, and Craig Hamelund.