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Confined Space Safety online course

This online course discusses Oregon OSHA’s confined spaces rules to protect employees from the hazards of working in a confined space.

This course focuses on explaining the hazards of confined space work, the history of Oregon OSHA’s rules, and the requirements for safely working within confined spaces. It is designed for employers and employees as they work toward improving their workplace safety.

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Module content

This module begins with several examples of confined space accidents that occurred in Oregon workplaces which lead to the purpose and history of OAR 437-002-0146 which covers Divisions 2, 3, and 7. It also explains what a confined space is and the initial evaluation required for confined space work.

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This module discusses confined spaces that require permits and what the permit program entails, such as the written program, entry roles, and the responsibilities of each role.

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​​​​​This module explains the equipment that employers are required to provide for safe work conditions in confined spaces. It also details the rescue requirements and showcases a video of an Oregon company practicing a confined space rescue.

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​​This module discusses the training requirements as well as the necessary conditions for utilizing the alternate entry procedures for working in a permit-required confined space.

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​​​​​​​This module covers the Confined and Hazardous Spaces rule requirements for Division 4 (agriculture). It explains key components of the rule and concludes the training course with a quiz, certificate of completion, and information on how to contact Oregon OSHA’s consultation services.

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Confined Spaces Resources

OAR 437-002-0146 Confined Spaces

OAR 437-004-1250 Confined and Hazardous Spaces

Confined Space guidebook

Entry Permit

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