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Confined spaces

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When workers enter a confined space to inspect equipment, fix leaks, or do construction work, they can encounter toxic gasses, corrosive chemicals, flammable solvents, or machines that start unexpectedly. If something goes wrong, a confined space can be difficult or impossible to exit. And would-be rescuers can die as quickly as those they are trying to rescue.

General industry and construction industry employers confined space rule, 437-002-0146

Agriculture employers confined space rule, 437-004-1250 Confined and Hazardous Spaces

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Confined Space

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  • To The Point About Confined Space Entry (ERI)
    Conditions that exist inside confined spaces such as manholes, tanks, vessels, pits and similar areas can hurt or kill workers.. Controlling access to confined spaces and the hazards they contain can prevent injuries and safe lives.
    English 13 minutes  
  • Al Punto Sobre Entrada A Espacios Confinados (ERI)
    To The Point About Confined Space Entry (ERI)
    Our workplace is full of hazards, hazards than can hurt us, or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the point of our safety and health program.
    Spanish 13 minutes  
  • Trench cave-in
    An Oregon OSHA compliance officers happened by this jobsite without trench shoring, and recorded his request to have the worker get out of the unsafe trench. Moments after that conversation started, the trench collapsed.
    English 1:31 minutes  

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