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Fundamentals of Fall Protection online course

This course is designed to assist you as an employer or employee to meet the requirements of the Oregon OSHA Fall Protection Standards. Some of the topics we’ll cover are: what is fall protection, fall protection options, equipment inspection and maintenance, and how to get started using fall protection. 

This course includes many helpful videos including rescue and equipment demonstrations. Upon completing the course, you will have the option to receive a certificate of completion.

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This course is part of the Fall Protection Suite of online courses.

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Module content

​​​This module explains what fall protection is and why you need it. We also discuss the dangers of fall hazards and how fall protection is used. Additionally, this module provides a unique story of an individual who was injured in a fall and highlights his journey from the accident to the present day.​

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​​​This module covers 4 important concepts of fall protection: the Oregon OSHA standards as they relate to fall protection, risk assessment, the ABC’s of active fall protection systems, and how to protect from falling objects.​

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​​​This module provides an overview of the 4 fall protection strategies. These are: eliminate, prevent, control, and warn. We provide practical examples of equipment and scenarios for each strategy.​

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​​​This module provides practical demonstrations of common fall protection systems and processes. This includes equipment inspections and maintenance, safety harnesses, anchors, calculating fall distance, and rescue examples.​

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​​​This module focuses on fall protection training. We cover the purpose of training, what topics should be covered, and what it means to train your team.​

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​​​This final module includes videos that will provide you a basic road map on how to get started creating a safety culture and using fall protection. It also includes a quiz, a certificate of completion, and a survey where you have the option to provide your input on the course. At the end of this module, you will have the option to continue your fall protection training by selecting other courses in the suite.​

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Videos in this course

The True Story of Russ Youngstrom | A Near-Death Experience

This animated video chronicles the story of a man who fell 30 feet after disconnecting from his safety line. It also tells the perspective of his spouse and how she handled the trauma of this workplace incident.

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Why are Falls Dangerous

This video will provide you with a better understanding of why falls in the workplace are so dangerous. You will hear from leading experts in the field and see what the possible negative outcomes are if you don't wear fall protection.

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What is Fall Protection

In this video, you will learn what fall protection is at a basic level and what fall protection consists of. Topics include: evaluating fall hazards, fall protection systems and options, inspection, maintenance, and training.

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History of Fall Protection

In this video, you will hear from an expert that helped establish fall protection rules and standards. He provides a timeline of the progression of equipment throughout the years and what led to improvements.

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Aftermath of a Fall

This video will provide you a testimonial of what could happen if you don’t wear fall protection. Day-to-day struggles are shared by a man and his wife who were affected by a fall. Additionally, you will hear from a former claims adjuster who describes what could happen to your company in the event a fall should occur on your job site.

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Who Needs Fall Protection?

This video will provide you with examples and testimonials from leading fall protection experts. You will learn about a number of topics such as hazard recognition, industries affected by falls, and common trigger heights.

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Does Fall Protection Work?

This video will provide you with examples and testimonials from leading fall protection experts. You will learn about a number of examples showing that fall protection saves lives.

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OSHA Fall Protection Standards

This video details employer responsibilities and Oregon OSHA standards as they relate to fall protection. We provide a tutorial on how to find them and other useful materials on the Oregon OSHA website.

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Risk Assessment for Fall Hazards

This video will provide you with information to better understand what a risk assessment is and how to incorporate job site planning and fall protection. We define terms such as fall hazards and trigger heights and provide examples to help you digest the content.

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Competent vs. Qualified Person in Fall Protection

What is the difference between competent and qualified people? This video covers the differences between the two as it relates to fall protection. You hear from a leading fall protection expert detailing who these people are, what they can do, and how to become one.

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ABC's of Fall Protection

This video covers the basic components of active fall protection. The topics discussed include anchors, body support, connecting devices, and deceleration devices.

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Falling Object Protection

Falling object hazards occur when employees are working above other employees. This video provides examples of falling object hazards and how to eliminate or reduce the exposure to them.

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Overview of Fall Protection Options

Once you have identified fall hazards you need to select the appropriate solution. In this video, we discuss the four common fall protection strategies, which include: Fall Hazard Elimination, Fall Prevention, Fall Control, and Warning of Fall Hazards.

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Elimination of Fall Hazards

This video covers the fall protection strategy of Elimination. We discuss various strategies that can eliminate fall hazards instead of putting workers at risk.

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Fall Prevention

At a basic level, this video covers the fall protection strategy of Prevent. We cover several solutions including guardrails, hole covers, and fall restraint systems.

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Controlling Fall Hazards

With the help of leading fall protection experts, we cover the fall protection strategy of control. We demonstrate various options, which include: Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s), Fall Arrest, Positioning Devices, and Safety Nets.

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Warning of Fall Hazards

This video covers the fall protection strategy of Warn. We only discuss solutions that are available on low slope roofs, which include: warning lines and safety monitor systems.

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Inspection and Maintenance of Fall Protection Equipment

In this video, experts cover several aspects of inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment. They discuss topics such as the frequency and importance of inspections and what to look for.

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Donning a Fall Protection Harness

In this video, we demonstrate the major aspects that relate to fitting a fall protection harness. This includes harness design, fitting process, and the importance of fitting it correctly.

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Fall Protection Anchors

This video introduces several styles of anchors, how they are used, and the importance of selecting the correct anchor for the job.

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How to Calculate Fall Distance

In this video, we discuss how to calculate fall distance and why it’s important to do it correctly.

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How to Rescue a Fallen Worker

In this video, we follow a fall protection expert as he demonstrates two styles of rescue and discusses important factors you should know about rescuing a fallen worker.

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How to Inspect Fall Protection Equipment

In this video, we show several examples of what you should look for when inspecting your fall protection equipment.

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Why Fall Protection Training is Important

In this video, we hear from experts as they describe the importance of fall protection training. They also share real-life examples including a legal case involving a lack of training.

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Fall Protection Training Topics

In this video, experts share insights on topics that need to be covered in your fall protection training.

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Safety Culture

What is a Safety Culture? In this video, we discuss how to start and maintain a safety culture as well as the benefits of doing so.

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Getting Started Using Fall Protection

How do you get started using fall protection? In this video, we discuss what you'll need, where to find resources, and why it is important to get started the right way.

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