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Fall Protection online course

Fundamentals of Fall Protection

This course is designed to assist you as an employer or employee to meet the requirements of the Oregon OSHA Fall Protection Standards. Some of the topics we’ll cover are: what is fall protection, fall protection options, equipment inspection and maintenance, and how to get started using fall protection. 

This course includes many helpful videos including rescue and equipment demonstrations. Upon completing the course, you will have the option to receive a certificate of completion. 

This is the first course in the fall protection suite.

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Module content

This module explains what fall protection is and why you need it. We also discuss the dangers of fall hazards and how fall protection is used. Additionally, this module provides a unique story of an individual who was injured in a fall and highlights his journey from the accident to the present day.​

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This module covers 4 important concepts of fall protection: the Oregon OSHA standards as they relate to fall protection, risk assessment, the ABC’s of active fall protection systems, and how to protect from falling objects.​

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This module provides an overview of the 4 fall protection strategies. These are: eliminate, prevent, control, and warn. We provide practical examples of equipment and scenarios for each strategy.​

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This module provides practical demonstrations of common fall protection systems and processes. This includes equipment inspections and maintenance, safety harnesses, anchors, calculating fall distance, and rescue examples.​

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This module focuses on fall protection training. We cover the purpose of training, what topics should be covered, and what it means to train your team.​

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This final module includes videos that will provide you a basic road map on how to get started creating a safety culture and using fall protection. It also includes a quiz, a certificate of completion, and a survey where you have the option to provide your input on the course. At the end of this module, you will have the option to continue your fall protection training by selecting other courses in the suite.​

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