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Ladder Safety online course

This course is designed to ensure you have a solid foundation to build or manage your own ladder safety program or begin using ladders on the job. Some of the topics we’ll cover are Oregon OSHA standards, safe work practices, portable ladders, mobile ladder stands, fixed ladders, and training. This course includes many helpful video demonstrations, including inspection and maintenance. Upon completing the course, you will have the option to receive a certificate of completion.

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This course is part of the Fall Protection Suite of online courses.

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Module content

​​​This module explains the basics of ladder safety and why it’s important. It also shows the dangers of improper ladder use and how incidents can be avoided. We wrap up with an overview of Oregon OSHA standards relating to ladders and how to access them.​

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​​​This module teaches basic safety principles that can be applied to many types of ladders. This includes loads, materials, ladder selection, training, inspection, and maintenance.​

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​​​​​​This module provides an overview of how to safely use portable ladders. It includes self-supporting ladders, podium ladders, lean safe ladders, orchard ladders, extension ladders, and ladder accessories.

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​​​This module covers mobile-ladder stands, fixed ladders, and ladder safety systems. Oregon OSHA now requires that certain fixed ladders must be equipped with a ladder safety system; we discuss who is affected and practical solutions to comply with these rules.

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​​​​This module wraps up the course with a discussion of common ladder hazards, storage techniques, and practical next steps in your safety journey.

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Videos in this course

The Dangers of Ladders

This video will provide you with a better understanding of why ladders in the workplace are so dangerous. You will hear experts in ladder safety talk about the possible negative outcomes of using ladders inappropriately.

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Overview of Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is often overlooked. This tutorial discusses basic ladder safety principleshow ladder safety has evolved, maintaining 3 points of contact, and correct ladder for the job.

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Oregon OSHA Standards for Ladders

In this tutorial we provide information on Oregon OSHA Standards for Ladders, including how to navigate the Oregon OSHA website to get to vital safety resources.

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How to Pick the Right Ladder for the Job

How do you pick the right ladder for the job? In this tutorial we will share important information that will assist you when selecting the right ladder.

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Ladder Safety Training Example

This video follows a safety director as he demonstrates his company's techniques for training their employees on ladder safety.

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How to Inspect and Maintain Your Ladder

Learn the basics of inspecting and maintaining your ladder. This tutorial provides excellent recommendations on how and what to inspect, and how to maintain your ladder.

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Overview of Portable Ladder Safety

This tutorial provides a brief description of portable ladder safety. This includes self supporting ladders and non-self supporting ladders.

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New Types of Ladders

In this tutorial we discuss a number of new types of ladders that are now on the market, and how to use them safely.

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Ladder Safety Accessories

In this tutorial we go over several ladder accessories such as extensions, levelers, v rungs, gates, and wall mounts. These tools not only make your job easier, but also safer.

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How to Safely Set Up Your Portable Ladder

In this tutorial, we'll review the necessary steps to make sure your ladder is set up correctly, and which precautionary actions you should take to protect workers.

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Mobile Ladder Stands

Mobile ladder stand safety is often overlooked. In this video we discuss where mobile ladder stands are used, their parts and pieces, and what to look for when inspecting.

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Introduction to Fixed Ladders

In this tutorial we discuss the components of fixed ladders, typical use and location, and the new fixed ladder rule in Walking-Working Surfaces.

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Ladder Safety Systems

In the future, cages and wells will no longer be allowed as fall protection on fixed ladders. Ladder safety systems are quickly becoming popular, as they meet Oregon OSHA requirements. In this tutorial we provide demonstrations of acceptable options employers can use to protect their workers.

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Common Ladder Hazards and Mistakes

This tutorial covers many of the ladder hazards that exist. We also cover a number of common mistakes that people make when using ladders, and how to avoid them.

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How to Properly Store Your Ladder

In this video we'll provide you with information on how to store your ladder correctly, and why it's an important component of your ladder safety program.

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Walking-working surfaces topic page

Ladder Inspection Form

NIOSH Ladder Safety App

Walking-Working Surfaces rules

Stairways and Ladders (Construction) rules

Work Surfaces (Agriculture) rules

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