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Corvallis company earns safety, health recognition

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Feb. 14, 2020
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Aaron Corvin, Public Information Officer

Valliscor LLC completes first year of program

Salem, OR — Valliscor LLC, a chemical manufacturing firm in Corvallis, has stepped up its commitment to on-the-job safety and health by completing its first year in Oregon OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP). Photograph of Valliscor LLC employees.

SHARP, primarily set up to help small- and mid-sized businesses, coaches companies on how to effectively manage workplace safety and health. It empowers employers to continuously improve. In turn, companies are recognized for their success in reaching specific benchmarks. An employer becomes a graduate when it completes five years of SHARP. 

Valliscor is known for its innovation, so it’s no surprise it embraced SHARP. Located within the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute, Valliscor is an Oregon State University-licensed spinoff company. Its unique process allows customers in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, polymer, and electronics industries to easily add fluorine to other molecules.

In joining SHARP, Valliscor assessed and tackled a variety of safety and health issues. Pedro Molina Sanchez, safety and regulatory affairs lead for the company, said the process was “extremely valuable” in helping improve “almost every aspect of our health and safety practices and policies.”

Noting the “expertise and extensive support” of Oregon OSHA consultants, Sanchez said SHARP “accelerated our transition from a reactive to a proactive approach” to workplace safety and health. That includes increasing the company’s capacity “to identify, analyze, and communicate hazards derived from our operations more efficiently,” Sanchez said.

SHARP encourages Oregon employers to work with their employees to identify and correct hazards, and develop and implement effective safety and health programs. The benefits of the program, which is part of Oregon OSHA’s consultation services, include lower injury and illness rates, decreased workers’ compensation costs, increased employee morale, and lower product losses. 

Oregon employers that have been in business for more than one year are eligible to apply for SHARP. For information about the program, visit the SHARP webpage.

For more information about Oregon OSHA’s no-cost consultation services, visit the consultation webpage.


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