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What employers are saying

Testimonials about Consultative Services

ATCO America, Inc.Chuck CrowePresident

​"We've used OR-OSHA Consultants for over 10 years and their professional delivery of critical and costly Health and Safety services at no cost to our small business has meant a huge difference in our company's schedule of compliance and the well being of our employees... I'm impressed with the State of Oregon and their vision in establishing the Consulting Division and it's independence from the Compliance group. My relationship with the Consultants has given me the equivalent in H & S of what the largest manufacturers have. Thanks OR-OSHA!"

Bear Creek Valley Sanitary AuthorityJ.M. McCauleyOperations Manager

​We here at Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority feel that OR-OSHA consultation helped us organize, and document our original good safety program into an award winning program, one that is systematic, all encompassing, and usable by all of our employees.

We have confirmed our long held belief that education, consultation and partnership is far more successful and productive than the hammer of enforcement. We applaud OR-OSHA for implementing and emphasizing this consultation program. We would highly recommend it to anyone.
Columbia Wastewater Treatment Plant, City of Portland, BESPaul Schuberg

​"The service from Oregon OSHA's Consultation Services' is outstanding! Our savings on claims costs have been enormous. Annual claims costs have dropped 64 percent and lost workdays have fallen 79 percent."

Duckwall Fruit

​"Refreshing attitude and really the first OR-OSHA staff member who our employees trusted right away."

Gladstone School District #115Jim RogersMaintenance Supervisor

​"I continue to be impressed by the quality of service I receive from OR-OSHA. All your consulting and training personnel have been courteous and extremely helpful as we try to improve our safety program."

Mid-Valley Healthcare

​"Our Oregon OSHA consultants were wonderful!! They never pushed, only encouraged. Never criticized, only motivated. They were our cheerleaders as well as our coaches. Our Lost Workday Cases Incident Rate went from 28.99 in 2000 to 0.00 in 2002."

Plateau Woodworks, Inc.Jane TickleOffice Safety Manager

​"Thank you so much for the valuable information and recommendations we received as a result of your visit to Plateau Woodworks on May 10, 2006. OR-OSHA's consultative services are such a wonderful resource to help us maintain and improve safety at Plateau Woodworks."