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Types of consultations

Comprehensive consultation

A comprehensive consultation covers the entire establishment: injury and illness records, written programs, safety committee operations, workplace hazards, the safety and health program, industrial hygiene sampling, and ergonomic videotaping as needed. Comprehensive consultations include a written report with findings, recommendations, and the guidance necessary to resolve the problems.

Specific consultation

The consultant can focus on a specific operation, machine, or process at your worksite.

Safety consultations

Helps you identify and correct hazards, including those associated with machinery, industrial vehicles, electrical devices, material handling equipment, walking/working surfaces, and personal protective equipment.

Industrial hygiene consultations

Helps you identify and monitor employee exposures to health hazards such as noise, respiratory hazards, and hazardous chemicals.

Ergonomic consultations

Helps you evaluate your work environment and develop effective practical ways to reduce overexertion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back strains.


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