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State and National COVID-19 Resources

Content on this page is changing rapidly. Please check back often for new and updated information.

Supply Connector - Connecting PPE suppliers and manufacturers with employers and communities

State Resources

Oregon OSHA

​​​​​Temporary rule
437-001-0749 Temporary rule addressing the COVID-19 emergency in employer-provided housing, labor-intensive agricultural operations, and agricultural transportation, Administrative Order 2-2020, filed 4/28/2020, effective 5/11/2020 through 10/24/2020

Food Security and Farmworker Safety Project (Apply for financial assistance​​)

Oregon Health Authority

OHA COVID-19 Resources website

Guidance for Employers

 All OHA Reopening Guidance Reopening Guidance Tool County Status Chart

Statewide Guidance that applies immediately

Guidance for counties that enter Phase 1 reopening

Guidance for counties that enter Phase 2 reopening

Protection Guidance and Resources


Guidance for Healthcare Settings

Resumption of Non-Emergent and Elective Procedures

Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences

Oregon COVID-19 Construction Task Force Resources

National Resources

Federal OSHA Resources

Federal OSHA COVID-19 website


Enforcement Memoranda

Other Guidance




Wallet Cards

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

List N Tool: COVID-19 Disinfectants
A web-based application to quickly identify disinfectant products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

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