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COVID-19 and Oregon OSHA

Content on this page is changing rapidly. Please check back often for new and updated information.

First and foremost, employers do need to understand that, even in unusual times like this, employees are still exposed to hazards and it is still the employers’ responsibility to ensure that their employees are adequately protected from those hazards.

​​​​​​​​​​COVID-19-related Rule updates

Infectious Disease Advisory Committee

October 23, 2020

Clarifying the Relationship between Oregon OSHA’s Temporary COVID-19 Rulemaking and other Ongoing Oregon OSHA Rulemaking Activities (en Español - Aclarando la relación entre la reglamentación temporal sobre el COVID-19 de Oregon OSHA y otras actividades en curso de reglamentación de Oregon OSHA)

437-001-0749 Temporary rule addressing the COVID-19 emergency in employer-provided housing, labor-intensive agricultural operations, and agricultural transportation, Administrative Order 2-2020, filed 4/28/2020, effective 5/11/2020 through 10/25/2020

Food Security and Farmworker Safety Project (Apply for financial assistance - Program ending October 25, 2020​​)

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