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Las 10 Causas Más Comunes (VideoNow)

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While the top 10 lists you see in magazines and on late night talk shows are created to get laughs, the list in this program focuses on a subject that is no laughing matter: causes of workplace injuries. With disturbing regularity, thousands of employees and contractors are injured or killed while on the job each year. Some people make the mistake of calling these types of incidents "accidents" and chalk them up to just "bad luck" or just being "in the wrong place at the wrong time,' but safety professionals know better. Injury statistics show that the same types of incidents continue to occur over and over again. Viewers will see the top 10 causes of these incidents listed from 10 to one, but more importantly, they will learn how workplace injuries can be prevented. Topics include the prevention of the following causes of workplace injuries: workplace violence, repetitive motion injuries, body parts being caught in or crushed by equipment, motor vehicle collisions, the body being struck by objects, the body striking against objects, falls to lower levels, same-level slips and falls, overexertion and unsafe acts.


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