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  • A Practical Approach to Ladder Safety (TrainingVideoNow)
    While ladder manufacturers strive to produce the safest ladders possible, a well-made ladder is not enough.
    Length: 20 minutes  
  • Accident Investigation
    Videos from the accident investigation online course.
    Length: various  
  • Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) Explained
    This video explains Oregon OSHA's application exclusion zone in the worker protection standard
    Length: 5 minutes  
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
    These videos are a series developed by Oregon OSHA Public Education as part of the Bloodborne pathogens online course.
    Length: various  
  • Box Lifting 101
    Learn how to safely lift boxes and prevent injury.
    Length: 1:48 minutes  
  • Easy Ergonomics for Caregivers grant project videos
    Easy Ergonomics for Caregivers, parts 1 and 2
    Length: 15 minutes  
  • Fall Protection for Construction
    Videos from the Fall Protection for Construction online course developed by Oregon OSHA Public Education as part of the Fall Protection Suite of courses.
    Length: various  
  • Fall Protection for Roofing
    These videos are a series developed by Oregon OSHA Public Education as part of the Fall Protection for Roofing online course.
    Length: various  
  • Fall Protection Fundamentals
    These videos are a series developed by Oregon OSHA Public Education as part of the Fall Protection Fundamentals online course.
    Length: various  
  • Firefighters and EMS Ergonomics grant project videos
    Firefighters and EMS Ergonomics, parts 1 and 2
    Length: 16 minutes  
  • Forklift safety from Washington State
    ​Forklift pedestrian safety and Stay in The Cage: Forklift safety from Washington State.
    Length: 10 minutes and 7 minutes  
  • Hearing Conservation for At-Risk Workers grant project video
    Geared especially to construction and trades workers who may already have some hearing loss, this comprehensive training package covers: The nature of sound and how the ear processes sound; the causes and types of hearing loss; the importance of identifying noise hazards; and the use of the proper hearing protection for the work setting.
    Length: 15:16 minutes  
  • Heat Safety Tool Complete Guide - OSHA/NIOSH
    Oregon OSHA produced this video about how to use the Federal OSHA/NIOSH Heat Safety App, an important tool in planning outdoor work activities based on how hot it feels during the day. The mobile app features a real-time heat index and hourly forecast at your location. It also offers safety and health recommendations.
    Length: 5 minutes  
  • Heat Stress - Real accidents, real stories (Wumbus Productions)
    Personal accounts of when safety was neglected in high temperature situations, both indoors and outdoors.
    Length: 15 minutes  
  • Heat Stress Prevention
    Practical tips for preventing heat stress: This video focuses on the importance of water, rest, and shade.
    Length: 1:21 minutes  
  • Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar
    On February 7, 2008, fourteen workers were fatally burned in a series of sugar dust explosions at the Imperial Sugar plant near Savannah, Georgia. This CSB safety video explains how the accident occurred.​
    Length: 9.28 minutes  
  • N95 Respirator - How to Put on and Use | Mask, OSHA, Smoke, Respiratory Protection
    Employers must implement a comprehensive written respiratory program when employees are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous gases or vapors, dust, fumes, mists, other airborne particles and infectious agents, or insufficient levels of oxygen. Respiratory protection is required when control of the hazard is not feasible through engineering controls or while controls are being instituted.
    Length: 3 minutes  
  • NIOSH Arc Flash Awareness
    Arc Flash Awareness parts 1, 2, and 3 from NIOSH. An arc flash is the sudden release of electrical energy through the air when a high-voltage gap exists and there is a breakdown between conductors.
    Length: 8:13, 9:33, and 8:07 minutes  
  • Preventing falls through skylights
    This video explains the events that led to a roofing supervisor's death after he fell 30 feet through a warehouse roof skylight onto a floor. Fall prevention recommendations are highlighted. The video was produced by the California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) program in the Occupational Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health.
    Length: 5:41 minutes  
  • Respirator Safety
    When you must wear a respirator to protect yourself against airborne contaminants in your workplace, it is very important to follow proper procedures for putting it on and taking it off.
    Length: 9:16 minutes  
  • Safe Design of Equipment Anchors
    Safe Design of Equipment Anchors: Education through Simple Design Guidelines. OSU School of Forestry
    Length: 15:21 minutes  
  • Safe Patient Handling in Health Care grant program video
    Applied ergonomics for nurses and health care workers and patient orientation.
    Length: 30 minutes  
  • Safe vs. Unsafe
    What do young workers need to think about before starting a job? This video covers general awareness for teens about speaking up on the job and being properly trained.​
    Length: 1:41 minutes  
  • Safe: A Restaurant Musical
    Restaurants are full of risks to the untrained worker. This musical covers the basics of restaurant safety.
    Length: 2:14 minutes  
  • Safety’s Top Ten Causes of Workplace Injury (TrainingVideoNow)
    Injury statistics show that the same types of incidents continue to occur over and over again. Viewers will see the top 10 causes of these incidents listed from 10 to one, but more importantly, they will learn how workplace injuries can be prevented.
    Length: 19 minutes  
  • SB592 Inspections and Penalties
    In 2023, the Oregon State Legislature passed Senate Bill 592 that brought about changes to how Oregon OSHA assesses penalties and introduced a new type of inspection. In this video, we’ll give a brief overview of these legislative and administrative rule changes.
    Length: 04:40 minutes  
  • Shoots and Ladders: A Guide to Ladder Safety
    More Oregon workers are injured in falls from ladders than from any other elevated surface. The young worker in this video shows how common mistakes can lead to accidents.​
    Length: 1:15 minutes  
  • Smart Lift
    Stretching and smart lifting techniques can prevent soft tissue injuries in the retail industry.
    Length: 8:19 minutes  
  • Soft tissue injury prevention in the grocery retail industry
    Impacting the possible occurrence​ of upper extremity soft tissue injuries in the grocery retail industry.
    Length: 7:07 minutes  
  • Surviving The Fall: Proper Use Of Personal Fall Arrest Equipment (TrainingVideoNow)
    Length: 18 minutes  
  • The Matthew Bowcott Story - Worksafe BC
    Disclaimer: Contains graphic images of injuries. Not suitable for some audiences. Matthew Bowcott's personal story of how he was badly injured in a restaurant when he was just 19 is a testament to every worker’s right to know the hazards, to speak up about safety concerns, and to refuse unsafe work.
    Length: 7:27 minutes  
  • The Respiratory Protection Program: Employee Training (TrainingVideoNow)
    Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the form of dusts, fumes, mists and gases may cause lung damage, cancer and other serious ailments to vital organs and the central nervous system. To protect you from these adverse health effects,
    Length: 16 minutes  
  • To The Point About Bloodborne Pathogens (TrainingVideoNow)
    Bloodborne pathogens are tiny microorganisms found in human blood or other bodily fluids that can cause diseases in humans. Controlling our exposure to bloodborne pathogens can prevent these diseases and save lives. That is the point of our facility’s Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Program and that is the point of this program.
    Length: 12 minutes  
  • To The Point About Ergonomics (TrainingVideoNow)
    When parts of our bodies are subjected to awkward positions, we risk the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Using proper work practice controls in both office and industrial settings can prevent these types of injuries.
    Length: 13 minutes  
  • To The Point About Lockout/Tagout (TrainingVideoNow)
    The unexpected starting of machines or other unplanned releases of hazardous energy can have devastating consequences. Controlling hazardous energy can prevent injuries and save lives.
    Length: 13 minutes  
  • To The Point About Personal Protective Equipment (TrainingVideoNow)
    When our body parts are exposed to certain hazards there is a potential for bodily harm to occur. Properly selecting and wearing personal protective equipment can reduce or eliminate this exposure, prevent injuries and save lives.
    Length: 13 minutes  
  • To The Point About Preventing Back Injuries (TrainingVideoNow)
    Our workplace is full of hazards, hazards that can hurt us or kill us. Controlling these hazards and preventing injuries is the point of our safety and health program. One such hazard is the risk of suffering a back injury due to improper lifting or poor posture.
    Length: 12 minutes  
  • To The Point About Preventing Eye Injuries (TrainingVideoNow)
    Taking proper precautions and wearing the appropriate protection against eye hazards can prevent eye injuries.
    Length: 12 minutes  
  • To The Point About Safe Forklift Operation (TrainingVideoNow)
    Unsafe operation of forklifts often contributes to property damage and employee injuries. Ensuring that drivers operate forklifts in a safe manner can prevent injuries and save lives.
    Length: 12 minutes  
  • To The Point About The Hazard Communication Program, GHS (TrainingVideoNow)
    Various chemicals present many physical and health hazards that cause property damage or harm people. Protecting workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals can prevent injuries and illnesses.
    Length: 13 minutes  
  • Toxic Paint Removers: Safer Alternatives
    Methylene chloride (dichloromethane) is a widely used solvent that can cause serious illness or death when used in enclosed spaces. The video was produced by the California Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) within the Occupational Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health​.
    Length: 7:45 minutes  
  • Trench cave-in
    An Oregon OSHA compliance officers happened by this jobsite without trench shoring, and recorded his request to have the worker get out of the unsafe trench. Moments after that conversation started, the trench collapsed.
    Length: 1:31 minutes  
  • U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers YouTube Channel
    This channel is a joint effort by all 10 Agricultural Safety and Health Centers to share the videos we have created. Video playlists include: Heat Illness (Español/Spanish)​, Livestock Safety, Forestry and Logging Safety, Needlestick Prevention, Pesticide Safety​, and many more.
    Length: various  
  • Watch That Dog!
    Dog bites injure 1 to 3.5 million people in America each year. 'Watch That Dog' explains basic protection and provides insight into the mannerisms of various types of dogs. Tells how to protect yourself from possible attack and injury.
    Length: 15:26 minutes  
  • What would you do next?
    This interactive bi-lingual training program contains nine training sessions. Includes materials on hazard identification, unsafe versus safe conditions/acts, and proposed corrective actions to implement.
    Length: 18 minutes  
  • Wildfire smoke protection
    Videos from Wildfire Smoke online course
    Length: 5 minutes  
  • Work Smarter Not Harder grant projects video
    Developed by the Oregon Association of Nurserymen by a workplace education and training grant from Oregon Occupational Safety and Health (Oregon OSHA)
    Length: 15:06 minutes  
  • WorkSafeBC Listen to Your Gut
    If something doesn’t feel safe at work, would you talk to your boss or supervisor about it?
    Length: 30 Seconds  


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