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Money is not the only thing to think about if you are younger than 18 and want to work. Think about your safety on the job. It’s a fact: Workers injured the most have the least work experience – that is true even if you are older. Workers are most likely to get injured during their first year on the job. Here are the five most common ways that can happen:

1. Trying to do work that you are not trained to do

2. Working for long periods without supervision

3. Using dangerous tools or equipment

4. Trying to work too quickly

5. Using alcohol or other drugs

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  • Box Lifting 101
    English 1:48 minutes  
  • Safe vs. Unsafe
    What do young workers need to think about before starting a job? This video covers general awareness for teens about speaking up on the job and being properly trained.​
    English 1:41 minutes  
  • Safe: A Restaurant Musical
    A new and untrained restaurant worker learns about safety in this video musical.
    English 2:14 minutes  
  • Shoots and Ladders: A Guide to Ladder Safety
    More Oregon workers are injured in falls from ladders than from any other elevated surface. The young worker in this video shows how common mistakes can lead to accidents.​
    English 1:15 minutes  
  • The Matthew Bowcott Story - Worksafe BC
    This video is a true story about a young worker’s injury and his road to recovery. It contains some graphic images. Matthew was just 19 when he was badly injured in a restaurant kitchen.
    English 7:27 minutes  
  • Young Worker video series
    The videos cover general awareness for teens about speaking up on the job, safe lifting, ladder safety, and restaurant safety.
    English 1:00 - 2:00 minutes  

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Promoting U Through Safety & Health (PUSH) combines the NIOSH Talking Safety-Youth @Work training with wellness and communication topics in an online training curriculum for young workers, ages 14-24. This curriculum is meant to act in tandem with valuable organization-specific training that all workers are entitled to receive when they start a new job.

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