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Workers are most likely to be injured during their first year on the job. Important ways to prevent workplace injury and death are for young workers to be aware of hazards and to be empowered to voice their concerns. Below are resources to help educate young workers, employers, parents, and educators on young worker safety. For more information on this topic, visit our general information page.

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  • English
    • Box Lifting 101
      Learn how to safely lift boxes and prevent injury.
      English   Length: 1:48 minutes  
    • Safe vs. Unsafe
      What do young workers need to think about before starting a job? This video covers general awareness for teens about speaking up on the job and being properly trained.​
      English   Length: 1:41 minutes  
    • Safe: A Restaurant Musical
      Restaurants are full of risks to the untrained worker. This musical covers the basics of restaurant safety.
      English   Length: 2:14 minutes  
    • Shoots and Ladders: A Guide to Ladder Safety
      More Oregon workers are injured in falls from ladders than from any other elevated surface. The young worker in this video shows how common mistakes can lead to accidents.​
      English   Length: 1:15 minutes  
    • The Matthew Bowcott Story - Worksafe BC
      Disclaimer: Contains graphic images of injuries. Not suitable for some audiences. Matthew Bowcott's personal story of how he was badly injured in a restaurant when he was just 19 is a testament to every worker’s right to know the hazards, to speak up about safety concerns, and to refuse unsafe work.
      English   Length: 7:27 minutes  
    • WorkSafeBC Listen to Your Gut
      If something doesn’t feel safe at work, would you talk to your boss or supervisor about it?
      English   Length: 30 Seconds  

Additional Resources


This nonprofit agency works towards reducing young worker deaths and injury by educating and providing resources for young worker, employers, educators, and parents.

Promoting U Through Safety & Health

This training curriculum focuses on safety, communication, and health for young workers.

Work Safe BC

Visit this website for more resources and information on young worker’s safety.

Federal OSHA - Young workers

Learn about federal OSHA standards for workplace safety.

My Safe Summer Job

Spread knowledge of young worker safety through an established communication campaign.

Wage and hour regulations

Visit the Bureau of Labor and Industries website on child labor laws in Oregon.

Employment of Minors

Learn more about the limitations that are placed on young workers younger than 18 as they enter the workforce.

Young worker employment injuries and illnesses data

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website with information, charts, and statistics on youth in the workplace.

Teacher Resources from NIOSH

Visit the CDC website for more teacher resources on young worker safety.


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