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Young workers

General Information Overview

Young workers, ages 14 to 25, face a greater risk of injury and death in the workplace. Youth in the workplace generally have less job experience, do not receive proper job training, and might be hesitant to ask questions about safety. These factors all contribute to higher rates of injury and death among young workers.

Read below for information on young worker rights, child labor laws, and what others can do to help prevent young worker injury and death. For publications, videos, and training on young worker safety check out the Young Worker topic page.


Additional Resources

O[yes] Oregon young employee safety

Youth@Work - Talking safety curriculum for Oregon

How to Report

If you need to report an unsafe workplace you can file a complaint with OSHA using our online form.

If you have been injured on the job you can file a claim with Workers’ Compensation using the online form. Tell your employer about your injury immediately.

If you need to report discrimination at work, retaliation from your employer because you filed a complaint, or issues with wages/hours you can file a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industries using the online form.

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