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Emphasis Programs

Local Emphasis Programs (LEP)

Local Emphasis Programs (LEPs) implement enforcement strategies developed to address hazards or industries that pose a particular risk to local (Oregon) workers. Local emphasis programs are generally based on knowledge of local industry hazards or local industry injury/illness experience. Local emphasis programs will be developed and approved for specific industries, hazards, or other workplace characteristics.

Description and Program Directive

Falls in All Industries: PD A-239

Field Sanitation: PD A-174

Hospitals and Nursing and Residential Care Facilities: PD A-284

Occupational Exposures to Isocyanates: PD A-256

Pesticides: PD A-235

Preventing Heat-Related Illness: PD A-299

Silicosis: PD A-253

Struck-by Hazards in the Logging Industry: PD A-245

Tethered Logging: PD A-298

National Emphasis Programs (NEP)

National Emphasis Programs (NEPs) are temporary programs developed by federal OSHA that focus federal and state plan agency resources on particular hazards and high-hazard industries. Existing and potential new emphasis programs are evaluated using inspection data, injury and illness data, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports, peer-reviewed literature, analysis of inspection findings, and other available information sources.

Description and Program Directive

Amputations: PD A-280

Combustible Dust: PD A-268

Diacetyl (Flavoring Chemicals): PD A-275

Hexavalent Chromium: PD A-278

Lead in General Industry and Construction: PD A-273

Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals: PD A-177

Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP): PD A-277

Trenching and Excavation: PD A-265

Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations: PD A-305