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Worker rights and responsibilities

Information for employees

You have a right to a safe and healthful place to work. If you are concerned about safety or health problems where you work, tell your employer. That is your right. You also have the right to:

  • Discuss safety or health problems with your co-workers
  • Participate in union activities about safety and health matters
  • Report job hazards to Oregon OSHA
  • Participate in safety and health inspections with an Oregon OSHA inspector
  • Testify in court about job hazards where you work

It's The Law poster Be aware of Oregon OSHA’s “It’s the Law!” safety and health poster.
It guarantees your rights under the law, and your employer is required to display it at your workplace.

What are your safety responsibilities?

You must:

  • Follow the safety and health rules that apply to your job. It is your employer’s responsibility to tell you the rules and to train you
  • Wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) that your employer requires
  • Report any safety or health hazards to your supervisor or your safety committee
  • Immediately report any workplace injury or illness to your supervisor or a safety committee member
  • Keep safety devices and warning signs in place, and use appropriate safeguards and equipment when you are exposed to hazards
  • Cooperate with Oregon OSHA inspectors if they visit your workplace

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