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Control of hazardous energy

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Most accidents that involve hazardous energy happen when workers release that energy on themselves or an unsuspecting co-worker. Energy exists in many forms, all of which are associated with motion – and it is motion that makes energy hazardous. Energy can harm you in different ways, depending on its form. The first step to control hazardous energy is to know the forms of energy that power the equipment you use and how that energy can harm you if you do not properly control it.

To learn more, see Lockout/Tagout: Oregon OSHA’s guide to controlling hazardous energy.

  • Online course
    • Bloqueo y Etiquetado
      Durante este curso aprenderá sobre; el propósito y alcance del estándar de bloqueo o cerrado/etiquetado, procedimientos de bloqueo y etiquetado, criterios de capacitación y criterios de inspección periódica.
      Spanish  Online course  
    • Lockout/Tagout online course
      During this course you will learn about: the purpose and scope of the lockout/tagout standard; lockout and tagout procedures; training criteria; and periodic inspection criteria.
      English  Online course  

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