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Students - What to do

The picture shows the posture you should try to use as you are working at a computer workstation. If you practice, you will begin to do it without even thinking about it!

Things to do:

  • Support feet and low back
  • Lower shoulders
  • Relax arms
  • Level elbows with the keyboard
  • Straighten hands and wrists
  • Bend neck slightly
  • Level eyes with text on the monitor

To view and print a poster version (11" W x 8" H - 1.4MB) of the above illustration place your mouse cursor over the illustration and click. Set your printer's output orientation to "landscape," print it out and place it close to your computer. Make extra copies for your computer workstations at home and school. Share it with your friends.

You will often find that you will not be able to use these good postures at many workstations because the desk, chair, or monitor heights do not match your body size. Find out how to set up your workstation and how you can easily make the workstation fit you better.

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