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Oxygen Fuel - Compressed Gas Advisory Committee


The Compressed Gas Advisory Committee's purpose is to strengthen the partnership of Oregon OSHA and the private sector. The group's mission is to address issues affecting the manufacturing and construction industries safe use, handling, storage and transport of oxygen and fuel gases. Members of the group include representatives of labor, employers, manufacturers, and governmental agencies.

In July of 2010, the advisory committee started reviewing and proposing changes to the general industry (Division 2) and construction (Division 3) Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding regulations.

Division 2/Subdivision Q - OAR 437-002-1910.253 Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding and Cutting, and Division 3/Subdivision J - OAR 437-003-1926.350, Gas Welding and Cutting, are being discussed and include revisions and clear rule writing drafts.

A proposed set of rules for oxygen and fuel gas use in processes other than welding and cutting are also being developed in conjunction with the above revisions.

These processes include, but are not limited to, the use of all fuel gases, such as:

  • gasoline
  • propane
  • propane mixes with additives
  • propylene, MAPP gas
  • hydrogen
  • processes using petrogen for: thermal spray coatings, pre-heating, soldering, annealing, flame hardening, flame softening, flame descaling, paint burning, glass finishing, leather edging, babbiting, antiquing of wood, food preparation, masonry curing, etc.

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