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Division 1

General Administrative Rules

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Administrative Order 5-2022
Filed 9/9/2022, effective 9/12/2022

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Table of Contents


General Information
437-001-0001 to 437-001-0050


Rule number  
Rule namePage #
437-001-0001Model rules of procedure
437-001-0002Notice of interested persons of rulemaking 1-1
437-001-0005Authority and applicability of rules 1-2
437-001-0010Purpose and scope of rules 1-3
437-001-0015Definitions 1-3
437-001-0020Authority to administer 1-15
437-001-0025Liberal construction 1-15
437-001-0030Use of gender and number 1-15
437-001-0035Occupational safety and health rules 1-16
437-001-0045Adoption, amendment, or repeal of rules 1-16
437-001-0047Voluntary compliance program, general 1-17
437-001-0050Enforcement program, general 1-17

437-001-0053 to 437-001-0099


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0053Preserving physical evidence at the scene of an accident 1-19
437-001-0055Priority of inspections 1-19
437-001-0057Scheduling inspections 1-20
  Health inspections by NAICS
Safety inspections by NAICS
Safety inspections by tier and rank
437-001-0060Advance notice 1-29
437-001-0065Right of entry 1-29
437-001-0070Inspection warrants 1-30
437-001-0075Opening conference 1-30
437-001-0080Inspection without employer or employer representative 1-32
437-001-0085Employee representation on the inspection team 1-32
437-001-0090Inspection procedures 1-32
437-001-0096Red warning notice 1-34
437-001-0099Closing conference 1-35

Violations and Penalties
437-001-0135 to 437-001-0203


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0135Evaluation of probability to establish penalties 1-37
437-001-0140Evaluation of severity to establish penalties 1-38
437-001-0145Penalty for other-than-serious or serious violation 1-38
437-001-0155Determination of penalty - failure to correct 1-41
437-001-0160Penalty criteria - repeat violation 1-41
437-001-0165Determination of penalty - repeat Violation 1-43
437-001-0170Determination of penalty - failure to report an occupational fatality, catastrophe, or accident 1-44
437-001-0171Determination of penalty - failure to register a farm labor camp/facility 1-44
437-001-0175Determination of penalty - willful or egregious violation 1-45
437-001-0176Determination of penalty - failure to notify employees of advance notice 1-45
437-001-0180Determination of penalty - relating to red-warning notice 1-45
437-001-0201Determination of penalty - relating to field sanitation 1-46
437-001-0203Determination of penalty - relating to violations which have no probability and severity 1-46

Citations and Corrections
437-001-0205 to 437-001-0265 (excluding 0255)


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0205Citations and notice of penalty 1-49
437-001-0215Employer response to citation and notice of penalty 1-50
437-001-0220Payment of penalties 1-50
437-001-0225Penalty for falsification 1-50
437-001-0230Correction of violation 1-51
437-001-0231Abatement verification 1-52
437-001-0235Failure to correct a violation 1-52
437-001-0240Extension of correction date - Application 1-53
437-001-0245Extension of correction date - Decision 1-54
437-001-0250Extension of correction date - Revocation 1-54
437-001-0251Extension of correction date - Hearing on the application 1-54
437-001-0265Amendment or withdrawal of citation 1-55

Requesting an Appeal and an Informal Conference
437-001-0255 to 437-001-0270


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0255Requesting an appeal and an informal conference 1-57
437-001-0270Discretion if there is no timely appeal 1-58

437-001-0275 to 437-001-0280


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0275Posting requirements 1-59
437-001-0280Posting on selected multi-employer job sites 1-60

437-001-0285 to 437-001-0295


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0285Form and content of a complaint 1-61
437-001-0290Division action on complaints 1-61
437-001-0295Discrimination complaint 1-62

437-001-0400 to 437-001-0435


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0400Application for a variance 1-63
437-001-0405Interim order relating to a variance 1-65
437-001-0410Administrative action on variance application 1-65
437-001-0411Hearings for variance applications 1-66
437-001-0415Criteria for variance approval 1-67
437-001-0420Decision on variance request 1-68
437-001-0425Employer's duty to meet variance terms 1-69
437-001-0430Modification or revocation of a variance 1-69
437-001-0435Effect of a variance granted by the U.S. Secretary of Labor 1-71

Consultative Services for Public and Private Sector Employers
437-001-0450 to 437-001-0460


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0450Voluntary compliance consultative services 1-73
437-001-0455Application for consultative services 1-73
437-001-0460Consultation 1-73

Recordkeeping and Reporting

437-001-0700 and 437-001-0704 to 437-001-0742

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0700Recording workplace injuries and illnesses 1-75
 Appendix A to 437-001-0700, (Nonmandatory) Age-related hearing loss
 Appendix B to 437-001-0700, (Nonmandatory) Hearing loss recordability flowchart
437-001-0704Reporting fatalities and injuries to Oregon OSHA 1-107
437-001-0706Recordkeeping for health care assaults
 Appendix A to 437-001-0706, Instructions for recording health care assaults 1-111
 Appendix B to 437-001-0706, Safety of health care employees 1-117
  Healthcare facility inspection decision-making flowchart 
437-001-0740Falsification or failure to keep and post records or make reports 1-123
437-001-0742Recordkeeping variances and exceptions 1-123

Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0744Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks 1-125
 Appendix A - Mandatory Workplace Guidance for Industry-Specific and Activity-Specific Situations 

Rules for All Workplaces


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0760Rules for all workplaces 1-127

Safety Committees and Safety Meetings


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0765Safety committees and safety meetings 1-131
  See also:
Safety Committees and Safety Meetings Quick Guide
Safety Committees and Safety Meetings Fact Sheet

Occupational Safety and Health Grant Program
437-001-0800 to 437-001-0810


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-0800Application procedures 1-137
437-001-0805Application review 1-138
437-001-0810Grant awards 1-138

Administration of Loss Prevention Activities by Insurers/Self-Insured Employers, General
437-001-1005 to 437-001-1020


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-1005Authority and applicability of rules 1-141
437-001-1010Purpose and scope 1-141
437-001-1015Definitions 1-142
437-001-1020General requirements 1-143

Insurers' Program
437-001-1025 to 437-001-1040


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-1025Notification of services 1-145
437-001-1030Requests for services 1-154
437-001-1035Loss prevention services 1-146
437-001-1040Required loss prevention services 1-147

Self-Insured and Group Self-Insured Employers' Program
437-001-1050 to 437-001-1060


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-1050Self-insured and group self-insured employer loss prevention assistance 1-149
437-001-1055Self-insured and group self-insured employer loss prevention programs 1-149
437-001-1060Self-insured and group self-insured employer loss prevention effort 1-150

Assessment of Civil Penalties


Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-001-1065Penalty provisions for insurers 1-151


Historical Notes 1-153
List of Tables 1-160

Current Adopted Rules

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Current Proposed Rules

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