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Division 7

Forest Activities Rules

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Table of contents

Subdivision A, General Requirements
437-007-0001 to 0025

Administrative Order 9-2009

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0001Authority of Rules A-1
437-007-0002Purpose of Rules A-1
437-007-0003Scope of Rules A-1
437-007-0004Applicability of Rules A-1
437-007-0010Worker Protection Standard A-2
437-007-0025Definitions A-3

Subdivision B, Safety and Health Program
437-007-0100 to 0145

Administrative Order 2-2005

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0100Safety and Health Program B-1
437-007-0105Management Commitment B-1
437-007-0110Supervisory Responsibilities B-1
437-007-0125Accident Investigation B-3
437-007-0130Employee Involvement B-3
437-007-0135Hazard Identification and Control B-4
437-007-0140Training B-5
437-007-0145Annual Program Evaluation B-6
437-001-0700(21)Reporting Fatalities and Hospitalization to Oregon OSHA B-7
437-001-0053Preserving Physical Evidence at the Scene of an Accident B-8

Subdivision C, Planning, First Aid and Work Conditions
437-007-0200 to 0245

Administrative Order 2-2005

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0200Site Planning and Implementation C-1
437-007-0205Hazard Identification C-1
437-007-0210Checking System C-2
437-007-0215Working Alone C-3
437-007-0220Medical Services and First Aid C-4
437-007-0225Working Near Unstable Objects and Danger Trees C-7
437-007-0230Power Lines Safeguards C-8
437-007-0235Weather Conditions C-9
437-007-0240Night Logging C-9
437-007-0245Field Sanitation for Reforestation Activities C-9

Subdivision D, Personal Protective Equipment and Programs
437-007-0300 to 0350

Administrative Order-2-2010

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0300General Requirements D-1
437-007-0305Head Protection D-1
437-007-0310High-Visibility Color D-2
437-007-0315Eye and Face Protection D-2
437-007-0320Hand Protection D-2
437-007-0325Leg Protection D-2
437-007-0330Foot Protection D-3
437-007-0335Hearing Protection D-3
437-007-0340Personal Floatation Devices D-4
437-007-0345Respiratory Protection D-4
437-007-0350Respiratory Protection When Machines are Operated D-5

Subdivision E, Tools, Fire Extinguishers and Explosives
437-007-0400 to 0415

Administrative Order 5-2003

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0400Hand and Portable Power-Driven Tools E-1
437-007-0405Chain Saws E-2
437-007-0410Fire Extinguishers E-4
437-007-0415Explosives and Blasting Agents E-5

Subdivision F, Roads, Flagging and Vehicles
437-007-0500 to 0580

Administrative Order 5-2003

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0500Roads F-1
437-007-0505Bridges F-2
437-007-0510Flagging F-2
437-007-0515Signs F-3
437-007-0520Vehicle General Requirements F-5
437-007-0525Vehicle Warning Devices F-5
437-007-0530Vehicle Windshields, Windows and Mirrors F-5
437-007-0535Vehicle Passenger Compartments F-6
437-007-0540Vehicle Brakes F-6
437-007-0545Vehicle Exhaust Systems F-7
437-007-0550Vehicle Guards and Controls F-7
437-007-0555Vehicle Safety Chains F-8
437-007-0560Vehicle Seat Belts F-8
437-007-0565Vehicle Inspection, Maintenance and Repair F-9
437-007-0570Vehicle Operation F-9
437-007-0575Transportation of Personnel F-10
437-007-0580Flammable and Combustible Liquids F-10

Subdivision G, Rigging and Rigging Practices
437-007-0600 to 0690

Administrative Order 3-2008

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0600Inspection and General Requirements for Rigging G-1
437-007-0605Out-of-Service Requirements for Wire Rope G-1
437-007-0610Line Cutting and Splicing G-2
437-007-0615Pressed Eyes and End Fittings G-4
437-007-0620Cable Clamps G-4
437-007-0625Mollies G-5
437-007-0630Connectors G-6
437-007-0635Shackles G-6
437-007-0640Metal Spar Guyline Safety Straps G-10
437-007-0645Chokers and Straps G-11
437-007-0650Guylines - General Requirements G-13
437-007-0655Guylines - Tail Tree Guying G-14
437-007-0660Intermediate Support Trees G-15
437-007-0665Anchoring G-18
437-007-0670Spiking and Releasing Spiked Guylines or Skylines G-22
437-007-0675Selecting, Preparing and Rigging Trees G-23
437-007-0680Blocks and Hanging Blocks G-24
437-007-0690Metal Towers G-25

Subdivision H, Machines Used In Forest Activities
437-007-0700 to 0780

Administrative Order 2-2014
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0700General Work Practices H-1
437-007-0705General Machine Operator Requirements H-1
437-007-0710General Machine Requirements H-3
437-007-0715Attaching and Spooling Line (wire or synthetic rope) H-4
437-007-0720Fairleads H-6
437-007-0725Securing Machines H-6
437-007-0730Loading Machines H-7
437-007-0735Chippers H-7
437-007-0740Machine Exhaust Systems H-7
437-007-0745Windows and Windshields on Machines H-8
437-007-0750Drum Brakes H-8
437-007-0755Machine Travel Brakes H-8
437-007-0760Outriggers H-9
437-007-0765Hauling or Moving Machines H-9
437-007-0770Protective Structures for Operators, General Requirements H-10
437-007-0775Protective Structures for Operators, Machines Manufactured On Or After July 1, 2004 H-13
437-007-0780Protective Structures for Operators, Machines Used On Or After July 1, 2014 H-17

Subdivision I, Cutting Trees, Pre-Commercial Thinning and Slashing
437-007-0800 to 0830

Administrative Order 5-2003

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0800General Requirements I-1
437-007-0805Mechanical Falling I-3
437-007-0810Manual Falling I-4
437-007-0815Wedges I-7
437-007-0820Bucking Trees/Logs I-7
437-007-0825Tree Jacking I-8
437-007-0830Tree Pulling I-9

Subdivision J, Yarding, Processing, Signaling and Communications
437-007-0900 to 0950

Administrative Order 2-2005

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-0900General Landing Work Practices J-1
437-007-0905Landings J-2
437-007-0910Landing Logs J-3
437-007-0915Log Decks J-4
437-007-0920General Cable Yarding and Ground Skidding Work Practice J-4
437-007-0925Cable Yarding Work Practices J-5
437-007-0927Working Near Standing Tree Anchors, and Tail/Intermediate Support Trees J-6
437-007-0930Grapple Yarding J-7
437-007-0935Operation of Ground Skidding Machines and Vehicles J-8
437-007-0940Signaling and Communications J-9
437-007-0945Electrical Signal Systems J-10
437-007-0950Voice Communication on Combined Signal/Voice Transmitters J-11

Subdivision K, Loading and Transportation of Logs / Wood Fiber
437-007-1000 to 1060

Administrative Order 5-2003

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1000General Requirements K-1
437-007-1005Loading K-1
437-007-1010Securing Logs for Transport K-3
437-007-1015Binders and Wrappers K-4
437-007-1020Log Truck General Requirements K-6
437-007-1025Log Truck Safety Chains or Cables K-7
437-007-1030Log Truck and Trailer Hitches (Couplings) K-8
437-007-1035Log Truck and Trailer Brakes K-8
437-007-1040Log Truck Trailer Reaches and Drawbars K-9
437-007-1045Log Truck Trailers K-9
437-007-1050Log Truck and Trailer Bunks and Stakes K-10
437-007-1055Log Truck and Trailer Bunk Chains and Cables K-11
437-007-1060Additional Requirements for Log Trucks Equipped With Self-Loaders K-12

Subdivision L, Log Dumps, Ponds and Yards
437-007-1100 to 1165

Administrative Order 2-2005

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1100General Work Practices L-1
437-007-1105General Requirements for Log and Wood Fiber Unloading, Handling and Storage Areas L-2
437-007-1110Wrappers Removal General L-3
437-007-1115Barriers For Securing Log Loads L-3
437-007-1120Removing Wrappers From Barrier Secured Loads L-4
437-007-1125Removing Wrappers From Machine Secured Loads L-4
437-007-1130Removing Center Wrappers From Unsecured Loads L-5
437-007-1135Unloading Logs L-5
437-007-1140Split Loads L-5
437-007-1145Loading or Unloading Trailers L-6
437-007-1150Trailer Hoists L-6
437-007-1155Dry Land Log and Fiber Handling and Processing L-8
437-007-1160Water Dumps, Log Ponds and Booms L-9
437-007-1165Boats L-11

Subdivision M, Aircraft Used In Forest Activities
437-007-1200 to 1205

Administrative Order 5-2003

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1200Helicopter Operation M-1
437-007-1205Aircraft Refueling/Maintenance Area M-3

Subdivision N, Fire Protection/Suppression and Prescribed Burning
437-007-1300 to 1345

Administrative Order 2-2005

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1300Purpose of Rules N-1
437-007-1303Application of Rules N-1
437-007-1305General Requirements N-2
437-007-1310Personnel Assignments N-3
437-007-1315Single Personnel Assignments N-3
437-007-1320Personal Protective Equipment N-4
437-007-1325Training N-5
437-007-1330Equipment, Vehicles, and Machines, General Requirements N-7
437-007-1335Vehicle Operation N-7
437-007-1340Machine Operation N-8
437-007-1345Helicopter Operations N-9

Subdivision O, Signaling Systems
437-007-1400 to 1405

Administrative Order 5-2003

Permit Application: Radio-Tone-Controlled Devices

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1400Jerk Wire Whistle System O-1
437-007-1405Radio Signal Systems O-1

Subdivision P Tree Climbing
437-007-1500 to 1535

Administrative Order 3-2008

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-007-1500Tree Climbing General Requirements P-1
437-007-1505Climbing Equipment General Requirements P-1
437-007-1510Climbing Procedures General Requirements P-2
437-007-1515Rigging Trees for Cable Logging Systems P-3
437-007-1520Four Inch Tie-In Systems P-3
437-007-1525Belayed (Snubbing) Climbing System P-4
437-007-1530Three Point Climbing System P-4
437-007-1535Storage and Transportation of Climbing Equipment General P-5


Administrative Order 3-2008

Rule number  Rule namePage #
Appendix 7-AStandard Yarding System Whistle Signals App 1
Appendix 7-BDouble Tree Intermediate Support System App-7
Appendix 7-CBasic Wildland Fire Safety Training App-9
Appendix 7-DHoisting Personnel Up Metal Spars App-11
Appendix 7-ERigging Wooden Spar Trees App-15
Appendix 7-FRadio Permits and Radio Signal Permit Area Map App-17
Appendix 7-GRespirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire App-21
Appendix 7-HA-Frames and V-Leads App-39
Appendix 7-IGuyline Positioning App-41
Appendix 7-JStandard Hand Signals App-53
Appendix 7-KForest Activities Tree Climbing App-61

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Current Proposed Rules

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