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Division 2

General Occupational Safety and Health Rules

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COVID-19-Related Rule Updates

Infectious Disease Advisory Committee

November 6, 2020

Clarifying the Relationship between Temporary COVID-19 Rulemaking and other ongoing rulemaking activities.
En Español - Aclarando la relación entre la reglamentación temporal sobre el COVID-19 y otras actividades en curso de reglamentación.

The Temporary rule addressing the COVID-19 emergency in employer-provided housing, labor-intensive agricultural operations, and agricultural transportation was set to expire on October 24, 2020. On October 23, 2020 Governor Brown issued an Executive Order (20-58) extending the requirements of employer-provided housing (Section 2) of the Temporary Rule. Labor-intensive agricultural operation (Section 1) and agricultural transportation (Section 3) of the temporary rule expired on October 24, 2020 and are no longer in effect.

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Table of Contents


Subdivision A, General
1910.1-1910.9 and 437-002-0005 to 437-002-0007

Administrative Order 3-2019
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0005Adopted by reference A-1
1910.1Purpose and Scope A-2
1910.2Definitions A-2
437-002-0006Additional General Oregon Definitions A-3
1910.3Petitions for the Issuance, Amendment, or Repeal of a Standard A-4
1910.4Amendments to This Part A-5
1910.5Applicability of Standards A-6
1910.6Incorporation by Reference A-7
1910.7Definition and Requirements for a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory A-28
437-002-0007Oregon Rule on Testing and Certification Program A-28
 Appendix A to 1910.7 A-31
1910.9Compliance duties owed to each employee A-43

Subdivision B, Adoption & Extension of Established Federal Standards

Administrative Order 6-1999
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0010Adoption by Reference B-1
1910.11Scope and Purpose B-3
1910.12Construction Work B-5
1910.15Shipyard Employment B-5
1910.16Longshoring And Marine Terminals B-9
1910.17Effective Dates B-13
1910.18Changes in Established Federal Standards B-13

Special Provisions For Air Contaminants


Subdivision C, Access to Employee Exposure & Medical Records

Now located in Subdivision Z - 1910.1020

Subdivision D, Walking-Working Surfaces
1910.21-1910.30 and 437-002-0020 to 0033

Administrative Order 2-2017
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0020Adoption by reference D-1
1910.21Scope and definitions D-2
437-002-2021Additional Oregon Definitions D-7
1910.22General Requirements D-8
437-002-0022Additional Oregon General Requirements D-9
437-002-0032Ramps and Runways D-10
437-002-0033Piers and Wharves D-10
1910.23Ladders D-11
437-002-0026Portable Ladders D-20
1910.24Step bolts and manhole steps D-22
1910.25Stairways D-25
1910.26Dockboards D-30
1910.27Scaffolds and rope descent systems D-30
437-002-2027Rope Descent & Rope Access Systems D-31
1910.28Duty to have fall protection and falling object protection D-39
1910.29Fall protection systems and falling object protection - criteria and practices D-49
1910.30Training requirements D-59
437-002-2031Delayed Effective Dates for Walking-Working Surfaces D-60

Subdivision E, Means of Egress
437-002-0040 to 0043

Administrative Order 12-2001
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0040Adoption by reference E-1
437-002-0041Exits and Exit Routes E-3
437-002-0042Emergency Action Plan E-7
437-002-0043Fire Prevention Plan E-9

Subdivision F, Powered Platforms
1910.66-1910.68 and 437-002-0060 and 437-002-2022

Administrative Order 2-2017
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0060Adoption by reference F-1
1910.66Powered Platforms for Building Maintenance F-1
 Appendix A to 1910.66 - Guidelines (Advisory) F-35
 Appendix B to 1910.66 - Exhibits (Advisory) F-41
 Appendix C to 1910.66 - (Reserved)F-45
 Appendix D to 1910.66 - Existing Installations (Mandatory) F-45
1910.67Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms F-61
437-002-2022Additional Oregon Rules for Powered Platforms F-64
1910.68Manlifts F-65

Subdivision G, Occupational Health & Environmental Control
1910.94-1910.98 and 437-002-0080 to 0095

Administrative Order 7-2013
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0080Adoption by reference G-1
1910.94 and 437-002-0081 Ventilation
437-002-0081Oregon Ventilation Regulations G-3
1910.94Ventilation G-5
1910.95 and 437-002-0095 Occupational Noise Exposure and Audiometric Testing in Oregon
1910.95Occupational Noise Exposure G-25
437-002-0095Audiometric Testing in Oregon G-27
 Appendix A to 1910.95 Noise - Exposure Computation G-35
 Appendix B to 1910.95 - Methods for Estimating the Adequacy of Hearing Protector Attenuation G-39
 Appendix C to 1910.95 - Audiometric Measuring Instruments G-41
 Appendix D to 1910.95 - Audiometric Test Rooms G-43
 Appendix E to 1910.95 - Acoustic Calibration of Audiometers G-45
 Appendix G to 1910.95 - Monitoring Noise Levels G-47
 Appendix H to 1910.95 - Availability of Referenced Documents G-51
 Appendix I to 1910.95 - Definitions G-53
1910.97Nonionizing Radiation G-55
1910.98Effective Dates G-59

Subdivision H, Flammable Liquids 
1910.101-1910.120 and 437-002-0100 to 0122

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0100Adoption by reference H-1
437-002-2101Compressed Gases (General Requirements) H-3
437-002-2102Acetylene H-4
1910.103Hydrogen H-9
1910.104Oxygen H-23
1910.105Nitrous Oxide H-28
1910.106Flammable liquids H-29
437-002-0107Spray finishing H-87
437-002-0118Oregon Rules for Reinforced Plastics Manufacturing H-103
1910.109 and 437-002-0109 Explosives and blasting agents
437-002-0109Explosives and Blasting Agents H-111
 Table OR-H-21 American Table of Distances for Storage of Explosive Materials H-113
 Table OR-H-22 Table of Recommended Separation Distances of Ammonium Nitrate and Blasting Agents from Explosives of Blasting Agents H-116
1910.109Explosives and Blasting Agents H-119
1910.110Storage and handling of liquified petroleum gasses H-151
1910.111Storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia H-215
1910.119Process safety management of highly hazardous chemicals H-241
 Appendix A - List of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Toxics and Reactives (Mandatory) H-255
 Appendix B - Block Flow Diagram and Simplified Process Flow Diagram (Nonmandatory) H-259
 Appendix C - Compliance Guidelines and Recommendations for Process Safety Management (Nonmandatory) H-261
 Appendix D-Sources of Further Information (Nonmandatory) H-279
1910.120Hazardous waste operations and emergency response H-281
437-002-0101Oregon Start-up Date H-281
 Appendix A - Personal Protective Equipment Test Methods H-321
 Appendix B - General Description and Discussion of the Levels of Protection and Protective Gear H-331
 Appendix C - Compliance Guidelines H-337
 Appendix D-References H-345
 Appendix E - Training Curriculum Guidelines H-347
437-002-0122Dipping and coating H-367
 Appendix A - Criteris for Ventilation Consensus Standards (Nonmandatory) H-375

Subdivision I, Personal Protective Equipment
437-002-0134, 437-002-0139, 437-002-1139, 1910.134, 1910.137, and 1019.140

Administrative Order 2-2017
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0120Adoption by reference I-1
437-002-0134Personal Protective Equipment I-2
1910.134Respiratory Protection I-12
 Appendix A - Fit Testing Procedures (Mandatory) I-37
 Appendix B-1 - User Seal Check Procedures (Mandatory) I-65
 Appendix B-2 - Respirator Cleaning Procedures (Mandatory) I-67
 Appendix C - Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Mandatory) I-69
 Appendix D - Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under the Standard (Mandatory) I-79
1910.137Electrical Protective Equipment I-81
1910.140Personal Fall Protection Systems I-90
 Appendix C to Subpart I of Part 1910 - Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-mandatory Guidelines I-101
 Appendix D to Subpart I of Part 1910 – Test Methods and Procedures for Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-Mandatory Guidelines I-109
437-002-0139Working Underway on Water I-115
437-002-1139Working Over or In Water I-115
Appendix AReferences for Further Information (Nonmandatory) I-117
Appendix BNonmandatory Compliance Guidelines for Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment Selection I-119

Subdivision J, General Environmental Controls  
(includes Lockout/Tagout, Confined Spaces)
1910.141-1910.147 and 437-002-0140 to 0154

Administrative Order 3-2015
PDF or Word

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​COVID-19-Related Rule Updates

Infectious Disease Advisory Committee

November 6, 2020

Clarifying the Relationship between Temporary COVID-19 Rulemaking and other ongoing rulemaking activities.
En Español - Aclarando la relación entre la reglamentación temporal sobre el COVID-19 y otras actividades en curso de reglamentación.

The Temporary rule addressing the COVID-19 emergency in employer-provided housing, labor-intensive agricultural operations, and agricultural transportation was set to expire on October 24, 2020. On October 23, 2020 Governor Brown issued an Executive Order (20-58) extending the requirements of employer-provided housing (Section 2) of the Temporary Rule. Labor-intensive agricultural operation (Section 1) and agricultural transportation (Section 3) of the temporary rule expired on October 24, 2020 and are no longer in effect.

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0140Adoption by reference J-1
437-002-0140Adoption by Reference J-1
1910.141Sanitation J-3
437-002-0141Additional Oregon Sanitation Requirements J-3
1910.142 and 437-002-0142 Labor Camps
1910.142Temporary Labor Camps J-11
437-002-0142Labor Camps J-11
1910.143Nonwater Carriage Disposal Systems (Reserved)J-11
437-002-0144Additional Oregon Rules for General Environmental Controls J-12
1910.144Safety color code for marking physical hazards J-12
1910.145Specifications for accident prevention signs and tags J-13
437-002-0145Additional Oregon Rules For Accident Prevention Signs And Tags J-14
 Appendix A to §1910.145(f) - Recommended Color Coding J-19
 Appendix B to §1910.145(f) - References for Further Information J-21
437-002-0146Confined Spaces J-23
 Non-Mandatory Appendix A - Part I: Evaluate the space to determine if you have a confined space J-41
 Non-Mandatory Appendix A - Part II: Determine if you have a permit-required confined space J-43
 Non-Mandatory Appendix B - Potential Confined Space Hazards J-47
 Non-Mandatory Appendix C - Sample Confined Space Entry Permit and Alternate Entry Form J-51
 Non-Mandatory Appendix D-Rescue Service Considerations J-55
1910.147The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) J-61
437-002-0154Individual Locks J-66
 Appendix A to §1910.147 - Typical Minimal Lockout Procedure J-73
 Oregon OSHA Nonmandatory Appendix to §1910.147 – Alternative Control of Hazardous Energy J-77

Subdivision K, Medical & First Aid

Administrative Order 1-2012
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0161Medical Services and First Aid K-1
 (1) Definitions K-1
 (2) First Aid Supplies K-1
 (3) Personnel K-1
 (4) Emergency Medical Plan K-2
 (5) Emergency Eyewash and Shower Facilities K-3
 Appendix A to 437-002-0161 First aid kits (Nonmandatory) K-5

Subdivision L, Fire Protection
1910.155-1910.165 and 437-002-0180 to 0187

Administrative Order 2-2017
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0180Adoption by Reference L-5
437-002-0182Oregon Rules for Fire Fighters L-6
 Appendix A (Mandatory) - Minimum Requirements for Live Fire Training L-25
 Appendix B (Nonmandatory) - General Information and Recommendations L-31
Fire Protection
1910.155Scope, Application and Definitions Applicable to This Subdivision L-33
1910.156Fire Brigades L-38
437-002-0187Portable Fire Extinguishers L-45
 Appendix A to 437-002-0187 L-51
1910.158Standpipe and Hose Systems L-53
Fixed Fire Suppression Equipment
1910.159Automatic Sprinkler Systems L-57
1910.160Fixed Extinguishing Systems, General L-59
1910.161Fixed Extinguishing Systems, Dry Chemical L-62
1910.162Fixed Extinguishing Systems, Gaseous Agent L-62
1910.163Fixed Extinguishing Systems, Water Spray and Foam L-64
Other Fire Protection Systems
1910.164Fire Detection Systems L-65
1910.165Employee Alarm Systems L-66
Appendix Ato Subdivision L - Fire Protection L-71
Appendix Bto Subdivision L - National Consensus Standards L-99
Appendix Cto Subdivision L - Fire Protection References for Further Information L-103
Appendix Dto Subdivision L - Availability of Publications Incorporated by Reference in Section 1910.156, Fire Brigades L-111
Appendix Eto Subdivision L - Test Methods for Protective Clothing L-113

Subdivision M, Compressed Gas & Compressed Air Equipment
1910.166-1910.169 and 437-002-0200 to 0210

Administrative Order 4-1997
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0200Adoption by Reference M-1
1910.166 - 1910.168[Reserved] M-1
1910.169Air Receivers M-1
437-002-0210Additional Oregon Rules for Compressed Air and Compressed Gas Equipment M-3

Subdivision N, Material Handling & Storage  
(includes Commercial & Industrial Trucks)
1910.176-1910.184 and 437-002-0220 to 0235 and 473-002-2224 to 2226

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0220Adoption by Reference N-1
1910.176Handling Materials - General N-2
437-002-0221Additional Oregon Rules for Handling Materials N-2
1910.177Servicing Multi-piece and Single Piece Rim Wheels N-17
437-002-2224Vehicle Drivers and Riders N-29
437-002-2225Vehicles for Highway and Road Operations, Characteristics and Maintenance N-31
437-002-2226Vehicles for Use on Property Other Than Public Roads and Highways Operation, Characteristics and Maintenance N-34
437-002-0223Oregon Rules for Commercial and Industrial Vehicles N-36
1910.178Powered Industrial Trucks N-39
437-002-0227Additional Oregon Rules For Powered Industrial Trucks N-47
437-002-0228Oregon General Requirements For Cranes N-67
1910.179Overhead and Gantry Cranes N-72
437-002-0229Additional Oregon Rules For Overhead And Gantry Cranes N-72
1910.180Crawler Locomotive And Truck Cranes N-94
437-002-0230Additional Oregon Rules For Crawler, Locomotive And Truck Cranes N-95
1910.181Derricks N-109
437-002-0232Additional Oregon Rule For Derricks N-118
437-002-0233Oregon Rules For Hammerhead Cranes N-126
1910.183Helicopters N-127
1910.184Slings N-131
437-002-0235Additional Oregon Rule For Slings N-135

Subdivision O, Machinery & Machine Guarding
1910.211-1910.219 and 437-002-0240 to 0256

Administrative Order 1-2014
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0240Adoption by Reference O-1
1910.211Definitions O-3
437-002-0242 (1)Definition of Gate or Movable Barrier O-9
1910.212General Requirements for All Machines O-17
437-002-0242 (2)Reciprocating Shear Lines O-18
1910.213Woodworking Machinery Requirements O-19
437-002-0242 (3)Saw Guard O-22
437-002-0242 (4)Radial Saws O-23
1910.214Cooperage Machinery [Reserved]O-31
1910.215Abrasive Wheel Machinery O-31
1910.216Mills and Calenders in the Rubber and Plastics Industries O-49
1910.217Mechanical Power Presses O-51
437-002-0242 (5)Use of Gloves O-57
Appendix A to §1910.217 - Mandatory Requirements for Certification/Validation of Safety Systems for Presence Sensing Device Initiation of Mechanical Power Presses O-77
Appendix B to §1910.217 - Nonmandatory Guidelines for Certification/Validation of Safety Systems for Presence Sensing Device Initiation of Mechanical Power Presses O-87
Appendix C to §1910.217 - Mandatory Requirements for OSHA Recognition of Third-Party Validation Organizations for the PSDI Standard O-89
Appendix D to §1910.217 - Nonmandatory Supplementary Information O-101
1910.218Forging Machines O-105
1910.219Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus O-111
437-002-0256Stationary Compactors, Self-Contained Compactors and Balers O-121

Subdivision P, Hand & Portable Powered Tools & Other Hand-Held Equipment
1910.241-1910.244 and 437-002-0260 to 0268

Administrative Order 7-2008
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0260Adoption by Reference P-1
1910.241Definitions P-1
437-002-0262Additional Definitions in Oregon P-2
1910.242Hand And Portable Powered Tools And Equipment, General P-6
437-002-0264Additional General Requirements for Hand Tools P-6
1910.243Guarding of Portable Powered Tools P-7
437-002-0266Additional Oregon Rules for Guarding Portable Powered Tools P-8
1910.244Other Portable Tools and Equipment P-23
437-002-0268Oregon Rules for Hand-Powered Equipment P-27

Subdivision Q, Welding, Cutting & Brazing
1910.251-1910.255 and 437-002-0280 to 0294

Administrative Order 6-2014
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0280Adoption by Reference Q-1
1910.252General Requirements Q-1
437-002-0282Job Planning and Layout Q-6
437-002-0285Special Precautions Q-6
437-002-0297Welding or Cutting Containers Q-7
437-002-0284Specifications for Protectors Q-9
437-002-0283Eye Protection and Protective Clothing Q-11
437-002-0288Health Protection and Ventilation - General Q-12
437-002-0298Self-Contained Units Q-17
437-002-0286Preservative Coatings Q-20
437-002-0287Toxic Preservative Coatings Q-20
437-002-2253Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting Q-22
1910.254Arc Welding And Cutting Q-66
1910.255Resistance Welding Q-71

Subdivision R, Special Industries  
(includes Grain Handling Facilities, Ornamental Tree & Shrub Services, Pulp--Paper & Paperboard Mills, Sawmills, Telecommunications)
1910.261 to 1910.272 and 437-002-0300 to 0316

Administrative Order 6-2017
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0300Adoption by Reference R-1
437-002-0301 to 0311 Tree and shrub services
437-002-0301Scope And Application R-3
437-002-0302Definitions R-3
437-002-0303Training and Work Planning R-3
437-002-0304First Aid Requirements R-4
437-002-0305Traffic Control R-4
437-002-0306Electrical Hazards R-4
437-002-0307Personal Protective Equipment R-5
437-002-0308Portable Power Tools R-6
437-002-0309Hand Tools R-8
437-002-0310Work Procedures R-12
437-002-0311Mobile Equipment R-17
1910.261 and 437-002-0312 Pulp, paper & paperboard mills
1910.261Pulp, paper & paperboard mills R-19
437-002-0312Oregon Rules For Pulp, Paper And Paperboard Mills R-19
 Appendix A R-59
 Appendix B R-63
1910.262Textiles R-71
1910.263Bakery equipment R-87
1910.264Laundry machinery & operations R-105
1910.265 and 437-002-0313 Sawmills
1910.265Sawmills R-109
437-002-0313Oregon Rules For Sawmills R-109
437-002-0314Veneer & plywood machinery R-137
437-002-0315Shake & shingle machinery R-141
1910.266Pulpwood Logging - In Oregon, Pulpwood Logging rules are provided in OAR 437, Division 7, Forest Activities 
1910.267Agricultural Operations (Reserved)
In Oregon, Division 4, Agriculture, applies
1910.268 and 437-002-0316 Telecommunications
1910.268Telecommunications R-149
437-002-0316Oregon Rules For Telecommunications R-149
1910.272Grain Handling Facilities R-185
 Appendix A to 1910.272 R-195
 Appendix B to 1910.272 R-207
 Appendix C to 1910.272 R-209

Subdivision RR, Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
437-002-2300 to 2324

Administrative Order 2-2017
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-2300General RR-1
437-002-2301Medical services and first aid RR-7
437-002-2302Job briefing RR-8
437-002-2303Hazardous energy control procedures RR-9
437-002-2304Enclosed spaces RR-18
437-002-2305Excavations RR-21
437-002-2306Personal protective equipment RR-21
437-002-2307Portable ladders and platforms RR-27
437-002-2308Hand and portable power equipment RR-28
437-002-2309Live-line tools RR-30
437-002-2310Materials handling and storage RR-32
437-002-2311Working on or near exposed energized parts RR-32
437-002-2312Deenergizing lines and equipment for employee protection RR-44
437-002-2313Grounding for the protection of employees RR-48
437-002-2314Testing and test facilities RR-50
437-002-2315Mechanical equipment RR-54
437-002-2316Overhead lines RR-57
437-002-2317Line-clearance tree trimming RR-61
437-002-2318Communication facilities RR-65
437-002-2319Underground electrical installations RR-65
437-002-2320Substations RR-68
437-002-2321Power generation installations RR-71
437-002-2322Special conditions RR-78
437-002-2323Helicopters RR-80
437-002-2324Definitions RR-89
Appendix Ato Subdivision RR - Flow Charts RR-99
Appendix Bto Subdivision RR - Working on Exposed Energized Parts RR-105
Appendix Cto Subdivision RR - Protection from Step and Touch Potentials RR-131
Appendix Dto Subdivision RR - Methods of Inspecting and Testing Wood Poles RR-147
Appendix Eto Subdivision RR - Protection from Flames and Electric Arcs RR-149
Appendix Fto Subdivision RR - Work-Positioning Equipment Inspection Guidelines RR-167
Appendix Gto Subdivision RR - Reference Documents RR-168

Subdivision S, Electrical
1910.301-1910.399 and 437-002-0320 and 437-002-0047

Administrative Order 3-2015
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0320Adoption by Reference S-1
1910.301Introduction S-3
1910.302Electric Utilization Systems S-5
1910.303General Requirements S-8
1910.304Wiring Design and Protection S-21
1910.305Wiring Methods, Components, and Equipment for General Use S-39
1910.306Specific Purpose Equipment And Installations S-56
1910.307Hazardous (Classified) Locations S-72
1910.308Special Systems S-79
1910.309 - 1910.330[Reserved]S-88
1910.331Scope S-89
1910.332Training S-91
1910.333Selection And Use of Work Practices S-92
437-002-0047Working Near Overhead High Voltage Lines and Equipment S-97
1910.334Use of Equipment S-102
1910.335Safeguards For Personnel Protection S-105
1910.336 - 1910.360[Reserved]S-107
1910.361 - 1910.380[Reserved]S-107
1910.381 - 1910.398[Reserved]S-107
1910.399Definitions Applicable to This Subpart S-109
Appendix Ato Subdivision S - Reference for Further Information S-129

Subdivision T, Commercial Diving Operations
1910.401-1910.440 and 437-002-0340 to 0355

Administrative Order 1-2012
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-0320Adoption by Reference T-1
437-002-0340Adoption by Reference T-1
1910.401Scope and Application T-3
1910.402Definitions T-5
437-002-0342Additional Oregon Definition T-5
1910.410Qualifications of Dive Team T-9
1910.420Safe Practices Manual T-11
1910.421Pre-Dive Procedures T-13
437-002-0345Inland Emergency Aid T-13
1910.422Procedures During Dive T-15
1910.423Post - Dive Procedures T-17
1910.424Scuba Diving T-21
1910.425Surface-Supplied Air Diving T-23
1910.426Mixed-Gas Diving T-24
1910.427Liveboating T-25
1910.430Equipment T-27
437-002-0355Air Supply Systems (Compressed Gases and Air) T-27
1910.440Recordkeeping Requirements T-33
Appendix Ato Subdivision T - Examples of Conditions Which May Restrict or Limit Exposure to Hyperbaric Conditions T-35
Appendix Bto Subdivision T - Guidelines for Scientific Diving T-37
Appendix Cto Subdivision T - Alternative Conditions under §1910.401(a)(3) for Recreational Diving Instructors and Diving Guides (Mandatory) T-39

Subdivision Z, Toxic & Hazardous Substances
1910.1001-1910.1450 and 437-002-0170 to 2045

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF (14 Mb)

Rule number  Rule nameFile types
437-002-0170Worker Protection Standard (AO 1-2017) PDFor Word
437-002-0382Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1001Asbestos (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
437-002-0368Deterioration (AO 1-2005) PDFor Word
437-002-1001Asbestos Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1002Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles (AO 12-1993) PDFor Word
1910.100313 Carcinogens (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
437-002-0364MOCA (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
1910.1017Vinyl Chloride (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1017Vinyl Chloride Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1018Inorganic Arsenic (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1018Inorganic Arsenic Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1020Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records (AO 4-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1025Lead (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-0371Scope and Application (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1025Lead Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1026Chromium (VI) (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1027Cadmium (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
437-002-1028Cadmium Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1028Benzene (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1028Benzene Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1029Coke Oven Emissions (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1029Coke Oven Emissions Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1030Bloodborne Pathogens (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1030Additional Oregon Rules for Bloodborne Pathogens (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1035Oregon Rule for Sharps Injury Log (AO 10-2001) PDFor Word
1910.1043Cotton Dust (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1043Cotton Dust Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.10441,2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-10441,2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1045Acrylonitrile (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1045Acrylonitrile Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-0373Oregon Rules for Thiram (AO 1-2012) PDFor Word
1910.1047Ethylene Oxide (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1047Ethlylene Oxide Respiratory Protection Program (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.1048Formaldehyde AO (4-2013) PDFor Word
437-002-1048Formaldehyde Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1050Methylenedianiline (MDA) (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
437-002-1050Methylenedianiline Respiratory Protection Program(MDA) (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word
1910.10511,3-Butadiene (AO 4-2013) PDFor Word
437-002-10511,3-Butadiene Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1052Methylene Chloride (AO 4-2013) PDFor Word
437-002-1052Methylene Chloride Respiratory Protection Program (AO 5-2011) PDFor Word
1910.1096Ionizing Radiation (AO 4-1997) PDF 
1910.1200Hazard Communication (AO 4-2013) PDFor Word
437-002-0377Additional Oregon Rules for Hazard Communication (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
1910.1201Retention of DOT Markings, Placards and Labels (AO 1-1995) PDFor Word
437-002-0378Pipe Labeling (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
1910.1450Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Chemicals in Labs (AO 3-2013) PDFor Word
437-002-0391Oregon Rules for Carcinogens In Labs (AO 5-2012) PDFor Word
437-002-1053 - 437-002-1065Silica (AO 3-2019)
PDFor Word
437-002-2024 - 437-002-2045Beryllium (AO 3-2019) PDFor Word

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