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Division 3

Construction Rules

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Table of Contents

Subdivision A, General
1926.1-1926.6 and 437-003-0003 to 0007

Administrative Order 3-2019
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.1Purpose and scope A-1
437-003-0003Purpose A-1
437-003-0005Additional applicability A-1
437-003-0006General Oregon definitions A-1
1926.2Variances from safety and health standards A-2
1926.3Inspections - right of entry A-3
1926.4Rules of practice for administrative adjudications for enforcement of safety and health standards A-3
437-003-0007Additional rules of practice for administrative adjudications A-3
1926.6Incorporation by reference A-4

Subdivision B, General Interpretations

Administrative Order 8-1989
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.10Scope of subpart B-1
1926.11Coverage under section 103 of the act distinguished B-1
1926.12Reorganization plan no. 14 of 1950 B-2
1926.13Interpretation of statutory terms B-13
1926.14Federal contracts for 'mixed' types of performance B-14
1926.15Relationship to the service contract act; Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act B-14
1926.16Rules of construction B-15

Subdivision C, General Safety and Health Provisions
1926.20-1926.34 and 437-003-0905 to 0920, 0011

Administrative Order 2-2013
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.20General safety and health provisions C-3
437-003-0905Flooring C-3
437-003-0910Temporary floors C-3
437-003-0915Shoring, bracing or guying of structures C-4
437-003-0920Project plans C-4
1926.21Safety training and education C-5
1926.22Recording and reporting of injuries (Reserved)C-6
1926.23First aid and medical attention C-6
1926.24Fire protection and prevention C-7
1926.25Housekeeping C-7
1926.26Illumination C-7
1926.27Sanitation C-8
1926.29Acceptable certifications C-8
1926.30Shipbuilding and ship repairing C-8
1926.32Definitions C-9
437-003-0011Additional definitions C-11
1926.33Access to employee exposure and medical records C-11
1926.34Means of egress C-11

NOTE: Subdivision CC follows Subdivision Z

Subdivision D, Occupational Health and Environmental Controls
1926.50-1926.65 and 437-003-0015 to 0035

Administrative Order 3-2019
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Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.50Medical services and first aid D-7
  Appendix A to 1926.50 - First aid kits (Non-mandatory) D-9
1926.51Sanitation D-11
437-003-0015Drinking water D-11
437-003-0020Toilets D-13
1926.52Occupational noise exposure D-14
437-003-0027Applicable rules D-14
1926.53Ionizing radiation D-14
1926.54Nonionizing radiation D-15
1926.55Gases, vapors, fumes, dusts, and mists D-16
1926.56Illumination D-16
1926.57Ventilation D-17
1926.58(Reserved) - Re designated as 1926.1101, Asbestos
1926.59Hazard communication
Division 2, Subdivision Z 1910.1200, Hazard Communication applies to Construction
1926.60Methylenedianiline (MDA) D-60
437-003-3060Methylenedianiline Respiratory Protection Program D-69
 Appendix A - Substance data sheet for 4,4'-Methylenedianiline D-89
 Appendix B - Substance technical guidelines, MDA D-89
 Appendix C - Medical surveillance guidelines for MDA D-89
 Appendix D - Sampling and analytical methods for MDA monitoring and measurement procedures D-89
1926.61Retention of DOT markings, placards and labels D-91
1926.62Lead D-91
437-003-0062Lead Respiratory Protection Program D-100
 Appendix A - Substance data sheet for occupational exposure to lead D-121
 Appendix B - Employee standard summary D-127
  Appendix C - Medical surveillance guidelines D-143
1926.63Cadmium - Re designated as 1926.1127, Cadmium
1926.65Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
Note: Division 2, Subdivision H, 1910.120, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response applies to Construction

Subdivision E, Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment
1926.97-1926.107 and 437-003-0134

Administrative Order 2-2023
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-003-0001Adoption by Reference E-5
437-003-0134Personal Protective Equipment E-6
1926.97Electrical protective equipment E-14
1926.103Respiratory protection
Note: Division 2, Subdivision I, 1910.134 Respiratory Protection applies to Construction

1926.106Working over or near water
1926.107Definitions applicable to this subdivision E-23

Subdivision F, Fire Protection and Prevention

Administrative Order 5-2012
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.150 Fire protection F-1
1926.151 Fire prevention F-5
1926.152 Flammable liquids F-7
1926.153 Liquefied petroleum gas (LP-Gas) F-12
1926.154 Temporary heating devices F-18
1926.155 Definitions applicable to this subdivision F-19

Subdivision G, Signs, Signals and Barricades
1926.200-1926.203 and 437-003-0420

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.200Accident prevention signs and tags G-1
437-003-0420Traffic control G-2

Subdivision H, Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.250General requirements for storage H-1
1926.251Rigging equipment for material handling H-3
1926.252Disposal of waste materials H-21

Subdivision I, Tools - Hand and Power
1926.300-1926.305 and 437-003-0925

Administrative Order 3-2010
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.300General requirements I-3
1926.301Hand tools I-9
1926.302Power-operated hand tools I-9
437-003-0925Powder-actuated tools I-12
1926.303Abrasive wheels and tools I-13
1926.304Woodworking tools I-15
1926.305Jacks - lever and ratchet, screw, and hydraulic I-17

Subdivision J, Welding and Cutting

Administrative Order 6-2014 

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-002-2253Oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting (Reprinted from Division 2, Subdivision Q) J-1
1926.351Arc welding and cutting J-41
1926.352Fire prevention J-43
1926.353Ventilation and protection in welding, cutting, and heating J-45
1926.354Welding, cutting, and heating in way of preservative coatings J-49

Subdivision K, Electrical
1926.400-1926.449 and 437-003-0047, 0404

Administrative Order 2-2007
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.400-1926.401 General
1926.400 Introduction K-1
1926.402 Applicability K-3
1926.403 General requirements K-3
1926.404 Wiring design and protection K-9
437-003-0404 Branch circuits K-9
1926.405 Wiring methods, components, and equipment for general use K-21
1926.406 Specific purpose equipment and installations K-31
1926.407 Hazardous (classified) locations K-33
1926.408 Special systems K-35
437-003-0047 Working near overhead high voltage lines and equipment K-41
1926.416 General requirements K-43
1926.417 Lockout and tagging of circuits K-44
1926.431 Maintenance of equipment K-45
1926.432 Environmental deterioration of equipment K-45
1926.441 Batteries and battery charging K-47
1926.449 Definitions applicable to this subdivision K-49

Subdivision L, Scaffolding
1926.450-1926.454 and 437-003-0071 to 0074

Administrative Order 1-2011
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.450Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart L-1
1926.451General requirements L-9
1926.452Additional requirements applicable to specific types of scaffolds L-27
1926.453Aerial lifts L-39
437-003-0071Manually propelled elevating aerial platforms L-41
437-003-0073Boom supported elevating work platforms L-42
437-003-0074Scissor lifts - self-propelled elevating work platforms L-42
1926.454Training requirements L-43
Appendix Ato Subpart L - Non-Mandatory Scaffold specifications L-45
Appendix Bto Subpart L - Non-Mandatory Criteria for determining the feasibility of providing safe access and fall protection for scaffold erectors and dismantlers (Reserved)
Appendix Cto Subpart L - Non-Mandatory List of National Consensus Standards L-57
Appendix Dto Subpart L - Non-Mandatory List of training topics for scaffold erectors and dismantlers L-59
Appendix Eto Subpart L - Non-Mandatory Drawings and illustrations L-61

Subdivision M, Fall Protection
1926.500-1926.502 and 437-003-1500-1502, 0502, 0503, 2501-2502

Administrative Order 2-2016
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.500Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart M-3
437-003-1500Additional definitions M-4
437-003-1501Fall Protection M-11
437-003-2501Protection from falling objects M-12
1926.502Fall protection systems criteria and practices M-13
437-003-0502Personal fall restraint M-20
437-003-1502Warning line systems for roofing work M-22
437-003-2502Safety monitoring systems M-24
437-003-0503Training requirements M-27
Appendix A to Subpart M - Determining Roof Widths: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 437-003-2502(2) M-29
Appendix B to Subpart M - Guardrail Systems: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.502(b) M-35
Appendix C to Subpart M - Personal Fall Arrest Systems: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.502(d) M-37
Appendix D to Subpart M - Positioning Device Systems: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.502(e) M-49

Subdivision N, Helicopters, Hoists, Elevators and Conveyors

Administrative Order 1-2011
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
  Note: Crane operator safety training requirements, is now located in Subdivision CC 
1926.551Helicopters N-1
1926.552Material hoists, personnel hoists, and elevators N-5
1926.553Base-mounted drum hoists N-10
1926.554Overhead hoists N-11
1926.555Conveyors N-12

Subdivision O, Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations
1926.600-1926.606 and 437-003-0085 to 0094, 3224-3226, 3600

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.600Equipment O-1
437-003-3600Equipment O-2
437-003-0085General requirements O-3
437-003-0090Pinchpoints O-3
437-003-3224Vehicle drivers and riders O-5
437-003-3225Vehicles for highway and road operation characteristics and maintenance O-7
437-003-3226Vehicles for use on property other than public roads and highways operation, characteristics and maintenance O-10
1926.602Material handling equipment O-13
437-003-0094Personnel platforms O-16
1926.603Pile driving equipment O-21
1926.604Site clearing O-23
1926.605Marine operations and equipment O-24
1926.606Definitions applicable to this subdivision O-26

Subdivision P, Excavations
1926.650-1926.652 and 437-003-0096

Administrative Order 4-2011
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.650Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subdivision P-1
1926.651Specific excavation requirements P-5
437-003-0096Underground installations P-5
1926.652Requirements for protective systems P-11
Appendix A Soil classification P-17
Appendix B Sloping and benching P-23
Appendix C Timber shoring for trenches P-33
Appendix D Aluminum hydraulic shoring for trenches P-45
Appendix E Alternatives to timber shoring P-55
Appendix F Selection of protective systems P-57

Subdivision Q, Concrete and Masonry Construction
1926.700-1926.706 and 437-003-0017, 0706

Administrative Order 1-2003
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.700Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subpart Q-3
437-003-0017Additional definitions to concrete and masonry construction Q-4
1926.701General requirements Q-5
1926.702Requirements for equipment and tools Q-5
1926.703Requirements for cast-in-place concrete Q-8
  Appendix to 1926.703(a)(1) - General requirements for formwork (Non-mandatory) Q-11
1911.704Requirements for precast concrete Q-13
1926.705Requirements for lift-slab construction operations Q-13
  Appendix to 1926.705 - Lift-slab operations (Non-mandatory) Q-17
1926.706Requirements for masonry construction Q-19
437-003-0706Protection of employees on or near masonry walls Q-19
Appendix A to Subpart Q - References to Subpart Q of Part 1926 (Non-mandatory) Q-25

Subdivision R, Steel Erection
1926.750-1926.761 and 437-003-0045, 0752-0761, 1752, 1754

Administrative Order 1-2011
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.750Scope R-1
1926.751Definitions R-3
437-003-0045Additional definitions R-3
1926.752Site layout, site-specific erection plan and construction sequence R-9
437-003-1752Written notifications R-9
437-003-0752Site-specific erection plan R-10
1926.753Hoisting and rigging R-11
437-003-0753Tag lines R-11
1926.754Structural steel assembly R-15
437-003-1754Roof and floor holes and openings R-16
1926.755Column anchorage R-18
1926.756Beams and columns R-19
1926.757Open web steel joists R-20
1926.758Systems-engineered metal buildings R-26
1926.759Falling object protection R-27
1926.760Fall protection R-27
1926.761Training R-29
437-003-0761Additional training requirements R-30
Appendix A to Subpart R - Guidelines for Establishing the Components of a Site-specific Erection Plan: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.752(e) R-31
Appendix B to Subpart R - (Reserved) R-32
Appendix C to Subpart R - Illustrations of Bridging Terminus Points: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.757(a)(10) and 1926.757(c)(5) R-33
Appendix D to Subpart R - Illustration of the Use of Control Lines to Demarcate Controlled Decking Zones (CDZs): Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.760(c)(3) R-39
Appendix E to Subpart R - Training: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with §1926.761 R-41
Appendix F to Subpart R - Perimeter Columns: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with §1926.756(e) to protect the unprotected side or edge of a walking/ working surface R-41
Appendix G to Subpart R - 1926.502(b) through (e) Fall Protection Systems Criteria and Practices R-43
Appendix H to Subpart R - Double Connections: Illustration of a Clipped End Connection and a Staggered Connection: Non-mandatory guidelines for complying with 1926.756(c)(1) R-51

Subdivision S, Underground Construction, Caissons, Cofferdams, and Compressed Air

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.800Underground construction S-1
1926.801Caissons S-25
1926.802Cofferdams S-25
1926.803Compressed air S-27
1926.804Definitions applicable to this subdivision S-39
Appendix A to Subpart S - Decompression tables S-41

Subdivision T, Demolition

Administrative Order 6-2013
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.850Preparatory operations T-1
1926.851Stairs, passageways, and ladders T-2
1926.852Chutes T-3
1926.853Removal of materials through floor openings T-3
1926.854Removal of walls, masonry sections, and chimneys T-4
1926.855Manual removal of floors T-5
1926.856Removal of walls, floors, and material with equipment T-5
1926.857Storage T-6
1926.858Removal of steel construction T-6
1926.859Mechanical demolition T-7
1926.860Selective demolition by explosives T-7

Subdivision U, Blasting and use of Explosives

Administrative Order 3-2000
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.900General provisions U-1
1926.901Blaster qualifications U-4
1926.902Surface transportation of explosives U-4
1926.903Underground transportation of explosives U-5
1926.904Storage of explosives and blasting agents U-7
1926.905Loading of explosives or blasting agents U-7
1926.906Initiation of explosive charges - electric blasting U-9
1926.907Use of safety fuse U-11
1926.908Use of detonating cord U-12
1926.909Firing the blast U-13
1926.910Inspection after blasting U-13
1926.911Misfires U-14
1926.912Underwater blasting U-15
1926.913Blasting in excavation work under compressed air U-16
1926.914Definitions applicable to this subdivision U-17

Subdivision V

Division 2/RR Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution applies to general industry and construction.

Subdivision W, Rollover Protective Structures; Overhead Protection

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.1000Rollover protective structures (ROPS) for material handling equipment W-1
1926.1001Minimum performance criteria for rollover protective structures for designated scrapers, loaders, dozers, graders, and crawler tractors W-3
1926.1002Protective frame (roll-over protective structures, known as ROPS) for wheel-type agricultural and industrial tractors used in construction W-13
1926.1003Overhead protection for operators of agricultural and industrial tractors W-21

Subdivision X, Stairways and Ladders
1926.1050-1926.1060 and 437-003-0065

Administrative Order 3-2015
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.1050Scope, application, and definitions applicable to this subdivision X-7
1926.1051General requirements X-9
1926.1052Stairways X-10
1926.1053Ladders X-13
437-003-0065Extension ladders X-21
1926.1060Training requirements X-21
Appendix A to Subdivision X, Ladders (non-mandatory guidelines) X-23

Subdivision Z, Toxic & Hazardous Substances
1926.1101-1926.1152 and 437-003-1000

Administrative Order 3-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
437-003-1000Oregon Rules for Air Contaminants Z-1
1926.1101Asbestos Z-27
437-003-1101Asbestos Respiratory Protection Program Z-48
 Appendix A to 1926.1101 - OSHA Reference Method (Mandatory) Z-69
 Appendix B to 1926.1101 - Sampling and Analysis (Non-Mandatory) Z-73
  Appendix C to 1926.1101 - Reserved
 Appendix D to 1926.1101 - Medical Questionnaires (Mandatory) Z-91
 Appendix E to 1926.1101 - Interpretation and Classification of Chest Roentgenograms (Mandatory) Z-109
 Appendix F to 1926.1101 - Work Practices and Engineering Controls for Class I Asbestos Operations (Non Mandatory) Z-111
  Appendix G to 1926.1101 - Reserved
 Appendix H to 1926.1101 - Substance Technical Information for Asbestos (Non-Mandatory) Z-119
 Appendix I to 1926.1101 - Medical Surveillance Guidelines for Asbestos (Non-Mandatory) Z-123
 Appendix J to 1926.1101 - Smoking Cessation Program Information for Asbestos (Non-Mandatory) Z-127
 Appendix K to 1926.1101 - Polarized Light Microscopy of Asbestos (Non-Mandatory) Z-129
1926.1126Chromium (VI) Z-153
1926.1127Cadmium Z-165
  Note: Division 2, Subdivision Z, 1910.1027, Cadmium, Appendices A through F applies to Construction
1926.1152Methylene Chloride Z-195
  Note: Division 2, Subdivision Z, 1910.1052, Methylene Chloride applies to Construction

Subdivision AA, (Reserved)

Subdivision BB, (Reserved)

Subdivision CC, Cranes and Derricks in Construction
1926.1400-1442 and 437-003-1423, 0081

Administrative Order 1-2019
PDF or Word

Rule number  Rule namePage #
1926.1400Scope CC-1
1926.1401Definitions CC-3
1926.1402Ground Conditions CC-12
1926.1403Assembly/disassembly – selection of manufacturer or employer procedures CC-13
1926.1404Assembly/disassembly – general requirements (applies to all assembly and disassembly operations) CC-13
1926.1405Disassembly - Additional Requirements for Dismantling of Booms and jibs (applies to both the use of manufacturer procedures and employer procedures) CC-18
1926.1406Assembly/disassembly - employer procedures - general requirements CC-18
1926.1407Power line safety (up to 350 kV) - assembly and disassembly CC-19
1926.1408Power line safety (up to 350 kV) - equipment operations CC-21
1926.1409Power line safety (over 350 kV) CC-25
1926.1410Power line safety (all voltages) - equipment operations closer than the Table A zone CC-26
1926.1411Power line safety - while traveling CC-29
1926.1412Inspections CC-31
1926.1413Wire rope - inspection CC-37
1926.1414Wire rope - selection and installation criteria CC-42
1926.1415Safety devices CC-44
1926.1416Operational aids CC-45
1926.1417Operation CC-49
1926.1418Authority to stop operation CC-54
1926.1419Signals - general requirements CC-54
1926.1420Signals - radio, telephone or other electronic transmission of signals CC-56
1926.1421Signals - voice signals - additional requirements CC-56
1926.1422Signals - hand signal chart CC-56
1926.1423Fall protection CC-57
437-003-1423Fall Protection CC-58
1926.1424Work area control CC-60
1926.1425Keeping clear of the load CC-61
1926.1426Free fall and controlled load lowering CC-62
1926.1427Operator qualification and certification CC-79
1926.1428Signal person qualifications CC-86
1926.1429Qualifications of maintenance & repair employees CC-87
1926.1430Training CC-87
1926.1431Hoisting personnel CC-89
1926.1432Multiple-crane/derrick lifts - supplemental requirements CC-101
1926.1433Design, construction and testing CC-102
1926.1434Equipment modifications CC-107
1926.1435Tower cranes CC-108
1926.1436Derricks CC-115
1926.1437Floating cranes/derricks and land cranes/derricks on barges CC-123
1926.1438Overhead & gantry cranes CC-131
1926.1439Dedicated pile drivers CC-132
1926.1440Sideboom cranes CC-132
1926.1441Equipment with a rated hoisting/lifting capacity of 2,000 pounds or less CC-134
1926.1442Severability CC-136
Appendix A to Subdivision CC - Standard Hand Signals CC-137
Appendix B to Subdivision CC - Assembly/Disassembly: Sample Procedures for Minimizing the Risk of Unintended Dangerous Boom Movement CC-139
Appendix C to Subdivision CC - Operator Certification: Written Examination: Technical Knowledge Criteria CC-141