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Falling object protection

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Oregon OSHA’s rules on falling object protection are covered in its construction, agriculture, and forest activities rules.

In construction:

  • 437-003-2501: Protection from falling objects
  • 1926.502: Fall protection systems criteria and practices
  • 1926.602: Material handling equipment
  • 437-003-3225: Vehicles for highway and road operation
  • 1926.1003: Overhead protection for operators of agricultural and industrial tractors used in construction

In agriculture:

  • 437-004-3650 Roll-Over Protective Structures

In forest activities:

  • 437-007-0770 Protective Structures for Operators, General Requirements
  • 437-007-0775 Protective Structures For Operators, Machines Manufactured On Or After July 1, 2004.

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